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Cheers!We assure you that the cost of the holiday charged to our clients is the true cost of the holiday, allowing for our normal ratio of two staff to six clients. These clients will require minimal care, i.e. managing their own personal care, but perhaps needing some supervision and assistance in unfamiliar surroundings. The charges include a variety of trips out, breakfast, lunch and dinner, accommodation, transport while on holiday, meeting at airport, hotel, supervision etc. The cost does not include client’s drinks (other than breakfast), and items of personal expenditure, i.e. souvenirs, ice creams, gifts etc.

Our holiday supporters have relevant experience in the carer sector and are DBS checked. All their costs are met and included in the price of the holiday. They work from the time the clients get up in the morning to when they go to bed and are there as a sleep in. They support all our clients’ needs, and try to ensure that all our clients have an enjoyable holiday.

WheelchairExtra Care - if a client needs extra assistance with personal care, is a wheelchair user, needs help with behavioural difficulties or use of bath seats for example, there will be an additional charge which is depending on the level of assistance required. The cost of the supporters and equipment will be passed on to the client. The cost of extra support is not just the wages, as there will also be the costs of taking an extra team member on the holiday to provide this care i.e. accommodation, meals, transport, insurances, administration etc.

The scale of the extra charges depends completely on our client’s needs, ranging from an extra 10% upto 100% of the cost of the holiday. We are able to provide one to one support if necessary and waking night support at cost. To ensure that we provide the best holiday and service possible, completion of our booking and assessment forms correctly and extensively is very important.

Risk Assessments - When a holiday is provisionally booked, usually over the phone, or on the internet, clients are sent a detailed assessment form for completion and return.

Risk assessment!It is very important that the correct information is given on this form, as when this is returned to the office, a risk assessment is carried out to ensure that we can support each individual client and their needs on our holiday. This assessment form constitutes a Care Plan and is a contract between us Options Holidays and the Client/Support Worker/family.

We aim to provide our clients with the best possible service and to maximise their enjoyment of the holiday. To do this we need to have correct information prior to the holiday so that we can make the necessary provisions and ensure that the client can have the best holiday possible. It is best to make preparations in advance rather than have any surprises while on the holiday, which can cause stress to the individual as well as the other holiday makers.

At the time of assessment, if we require any more information, we will contact the client or carers to discuss the client’s needs further and agree an extra charge. A letter and invoice will be sent out as confirmation. This extra care is then added to each holiday the client may take with us, although we are aware that clients’ needs and abilities do change and can be reviewed upon request by the client or carers.

When booking, please read our full terms and conditions, either on the website (here) or in our brochure.