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Fairford International Air Tattoo
8th - 11th July
Holidaying are: Peter, Mark, Keith, Stephen, Michael, John & Robert, with Tom & Phil.
Friday 8th July

After arriving at the barns, Mark, Peter and Stephen went to the pub whilst they waited for the others to arrive. Once everyone had arrived, dinner of quiche, new potatoes and salad was served with apple crumble and custard for dessert. 
airtattoo2016 Saturday 9th July

An early start for a long day! After breakfast and getting through the traffic, we arrived at the air show. We enjoyed the different planes performing in the sky and had a look at all the different ones and the ground. We also saw some classic and new sports cars. After a picnic lunch we had a walk around the different stalls and shops and watched some more flying displays. John’s favourite part of the day was the Subaru impreza and the f22 fighter jet. Stephen really enjoyed the red arrows. Keith enjoyed the bus ride around the grounds. Michael enjoyed meeting the people in the forces and even out his name down to work at the air show for next year! Peter got a book signed by a German pilot, Robert enjoyed watching the spitfires and Marks favourite part of the day was all the old planes with the propellers. Once back from the show, everyone enjoyed a jacket potato with chicken and veg for dinner. Cheesecake was for dessert. After dinner, John, Mark, Peter and Robert watched T.V. in the lounge whilst Stephen, Michael and Keith popped into the village pub for a drink. 
Sunday 10th July

Another early start for the show and due to bad weather the planes were delayed for a couple of hours so we went round the different stalls meeting more pilots and buying various souvenirs. Mark, Keith, Stephen, Robert and Michael went in a Hercules plane and had a look around speaking to the people who work and fly the planes. Mark also went into the cockpit of the plane. After a picnic lunch we did a bit more shopping before watching the show. Mark was happy that he got to see the mustang in the air as it couldn’t fly on the Saturday. His favourite part of the day along with the mustang was the Italians finishing the show. John’s favourite part of the day was watching the Chinook helicopter, as was Keith’s. Robert again enjoyed the spitfires the most and Michael’s favourite was the red arrows. Stephen said he couldn’t pick a favourite part of the day as he enjoyed all of it! Peter had a relaxing day at the barn watching T.V. as he didn’t feel up to it today. After the show everyone enjoyed a chicken dinner followed by watching the football, which everyone predicted Portugal would win except for Tom. 
airtattoo2016 Monday 11th July

Home time today after a lie in and a breakfast of fruit, toast and cereal it was time for goodbyes. Everyone said they’d enjoyed themselves and looked forward to seeing each other again. Robert and Ketih are staying on for the Drive a Steam holiday.
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