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Blackpool June 2013
By Helen Beer
Blackpool June 2013Sunday 2nd June
This was my second holiday with Options, staying at the Norbreck Castle Hotel. I caught the 8.30 am coach from Bristol Bus Station. I had to change at Birmingham to get the 11.20 am coach to Blackpool. This was my first time travelling on my own by coach. When I arrived I was greeted by Leanne, then I had to wait for the rest of the group before going up to my room to unpack. After dinner, there was a music quiz where you had to name the song and the artist and our team won by scoring a 22 points out of 24. The prize was a bottle of wine between the group. The night ended with a cabaret act, with a singer called Don who sang songs like I Want to Break Free, Stuck in the Middle with You, Shine and his favourite Sex on Fire, and then I went to bed as l was very tired after my long journey.

Monday 3rd June
Today we visited the Central and the South Pier. The central Pier is home to amusement arcades and rides including the Crazy Frog, Extreme and Waltzers which Will and I went on and we treated each other to rides. Before going on the South Pier we sat in the sunshine enjoying a drink. The South Pier is home to n'des including a Reverse Bungee, Sling Shot and new for 2013 a Gyro Loop. Unfortunately there was hardly anybody wanting to go on those rides so the only ride Will and I went on was the Sizzler. For lunch we went to Tommy Duck's opposite the Pier. Then we walked up the promenade to look in the shops, on the way back to the bus stop we stopped for an ice cream, and then got the bus back to the hotel. When we got back Will and l went for a swim in the pool and in the jacuzzi. After dinner there was a singer called Amy Toole who sang songs like Rose Garden, Killing Me Softly and You're Still The Blackpool June 2013One followed by a game of bingo, the final act for the evening was the Big Wheels of Motown tribute act who sang all the well known hits such as My Girl, The Happening and Stop On Sight SOS which was a great end to the evening.

Tuesday 4th June
Today we went to Fleetwood Market which is undercover and outdoors with the usual stuff like clothes, food and crafts. l brought a craft punch for my card making and Will and I walked round together. For lunch we went to the Granada Fish Bar which serves award winning fish and chips. Will and l got the tram back to the South Pier so we could go on the Break Dance and the Waltzers, then we decided to get the tram up to where the tower is to go on the Central Pier to go on the Big Wheel and to the Coral Island Amusements to go on the Pirate Flyer ride, unfortunately it was closed and so was the Ghost Train, so we went in the Star Attraction Amusements to have a game of tenpin bowling, then got the tram back to the hotel so we could go in the pool and the Jacuzzi. After dinner, there was a TV and film quiz where you had to guess the theme tune, followed by bingo. The main cabaret act for the evening was a group called Happy Days with Don and ladies dressed in pink and blue skirts who did some excellent dance moves to songs like At The Hop, lipstick on your Collar, Runaway and of course Happy Days.

Blackpool June 2013Wednesday 5th June
Today, Will and I went to the Sandcastle Water Park which is one of the best in the country. We caught the tram to the South Pier. As we were a bit early for the opening time of 10.30 am, we went and had a coffee at Donut next to the South Pier and sat in the sun.

When we got in the Sandcastle, the waves in the Typhoon Lagoon Pool so we had our first go in there, then the Ushi Gushi River Caves then headed for the Caribbean Storm Tree house, which has climbing nets, sprays and a dump bucket. Then we did our first slide, the Sidewinder which is the first indoor white knuckle slide, then our first go on the Master Blaster which is the world‘s longest indoor roller coaster waterslide, New to the Sandcastle in 2012 was the Aztec Falls where you drop into a steep dark chute and the Montazooma which zooms down 360 degree loops and back to back turns. These slides have an American Indian theme. We also went on the Thunder Falls 300 ft long waterslides and the Duelling Dragons four times, and then had another three goes on the Sidewinder and a final go on the Master Blaster. We only had one go on the Fort Riptide and HMS Thunder splash as these slides were a bit tame. We then had another go in the Typhoon Lagoon and a final go in the Ushi Gushi River Caves.

After we went and hot-dog and as we were staving after a long swim. We then got the tram back into town. We into Coral Island for a drink and a go in the arcade, then a walk round the shops and on the North Pier where we had doughnuts and a final drink before heading back to the hotel. After dinner the cabaret act for the evening was Don who sang songs like Suspicious Minds, Shine and his favourite Sex on Fire. The Second actwas a lady called Sarah who sang songs like Angie Baby, Valerie and Brass in my Pocket followed by bingo.

Blackpool June 2013Thursday 6th June
Today we visited Madame Tussauds and The Blackpool Tower Eye. Madame Tussauds is the only one in the UK outside of London where you get to meet your favourite celebrities, who are all made of wax. There are different areas such as Big Night with the Stars including Sir Bruce Forsyth, Keith Lemon and Susan Boyle, lifestyle TV with favourite TV professionals including Jamie Oliver, Gok Wan and Alan Titchmarsh, Sports where you can play alongside sporting heroes including Ricky Hatton, Tiger Woods and Phil the Power Taylor. There is also a Superman area where you pretend to climb a wall in New York where Will and I had our photo taken. Overall it was a brilliant experience.

For lunch we went to Café Chicco for a snack then onto the Tower Eye where you go up in a lift when you reach the top, you are 380 feet above Blackpool on the Skywalk with only glass beneath you. Before going up the Tower, we went into the 4 D Cinema which is an immersive adventure staring Britain's favourite seaside resort with special effects including wind, rain, smells, snow and motion as follow one little boy's adventure at the seaside.

Will and stayed on to go in the Ballroom to listen to the Wurlitzer organ and watch people dancing on the ballroom floor. We did think about going to the circus but it would have been pushing it a bit, so we just did that then went for a walk round the shops. We treated ourselves to an ice cream. We walked up to the South Pier where we sat and had a drink, then got the tram back to the hotel.

After dinner there was a music quiz where you had to name the song and the artist and for the second time I by a scoring 22 points and Will and I shared a bottle of wine with Leanne, followed by a game of bingo where l was so close to winning, but I just missed out on three numbers which I didn‘t have.

The cabaret actfor the evening was a group called Cool Britannia with Don and the girls who were in Happy Days who sang songs like its Not Unusual, Get Back and You’ll NeverWalk Alone, it was a great end to the evening.

Friday 7th June
Today was the last day of our holiday and what an end. Will and I went to the Pleasure Beach. We caught the tram to get there for the opening time of 11 am. Before we got our wristband we enjoyed a drink in the coffee shop overlooking the Big One.

Blackpool June 2013When got into the park we went on the Flying Machines which are like aeroplanes that go round, the Derby Racer where it feels like you are sat on horses when they are racing, the Grand National which is a twin racing wooden coaster, then the parks newest ride the Wallace and Gromit Thrill-o-Matic before catching the spectacular dancing water show where fountains shoot up to a hundred feet high, we had our photo taken next to them. For lunch we went to Emberton’s Sandwich Bar as we had a voucher for a toastie, we then went on the Big Dipper which is a single track wooden coaster and the Grand Prix ride where you ride in racing cars round a racetrack. As we had a voucher for frozen yoghurt we went and treated ourselves. We then went on the Avalanche which is like a bobsleigh coaster which was opened by Eddie the Eagle Edwards in 1988. As we had a voucher for some doughnuts we went and treated ourselves to some as it is a seaside tradition.

Finally we headed for the Nickelodeon Land which is based on characters such as Sponge bob Square pants, Dora the Explorer and Rug rats, which was opened by David Hassellhoff in 2011. We went on the Blue Coaster which is meant for kids even though it was quite fast, the Nickelodeon Streak where you fly around Nickelodeon Land on a superfast track, the Avatar Air bender which is a half-circle track coaster, Sponge hob Splash where you shoot other riders with water guns, it is a bit like a wet teacup ride. The last ride of the day was the Rug rats Lost River which is a small log flume. We were going to go on Valhalla, but there was a long queue and we only had nine minutes until closing time, but we packed in as many rides as we could. We then got the tram back to the hotel.

After dinner there was a general knowledge quiz followed by bingo. The cabaret act for the evening was Big Wheels of Motown where there on the Tuesday evening.

Saturday 8th June
We had breakfast at 8 o’clock as I had to get the 10 am coach back to Bristol, after then it was time to say goodbye, but I left with a new friend so it was worth the journey to and from Blackpool.

Holiday Overall
The hotel was lovely as it overlooked the sea and the entertainment was very good. I managed to pack a lot in. John and Leanne were kind enough to let Will and I go off on our own to the Sandcastle Water Park and the Pleasure Beach. I hadn’t had so much fun in ages.