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Cookery Course
Holiday dates: 6th to 10th November 2017
Holidaying are: Jo, Stephen and John, along with Wendy and Marian.
Monday 6th November

We arrived at our holiday accommodation in The Barn, set in a Cotswold Village and all had a cup of tea and a nice talk to get to know one another. For our meal we had chicken pie with a short crust pastry, along with vegetables and potatoes. We also watched a presentation about different types of food. We then had a discussion about what we would like to cook during our stay.
Cotswold Village
Making bread Tuesday 7th November

We collected the fresh eggs from the farm Chickens and then set about making our bread. Stephen made white bread, John made whole meal and Jo made garlic bread. At lunchtime we made 'bubble and squek' from our left over vegetables along with a tin of tomatoes. We then went for a visit to a large local Garden Centre where there was lots to see and they have a lovely cafe inside so we stopped for a drink and a cake before carrying on with our shopping. We returned to our accommodation at The Barn where we made Peanut Butter and Mango Chicken. For the dessert we made treacle tart and lemon tart with the short crust pastry we had made earlier in the day.
Wednesday 8th November

After breakfast we all made ice cream. Stephen made a Bailey flavour, John made mint and Jo wanted to make a fruit ice cream. We made pasties for our lunch. Part of the recipe involved mince, corn beef and onion. Nicole and Isabel from the Options Office popped-in for a visit and marvelled at the bread along with enjoying a small taste test of the ice creams! After lunch we went for a visit to the picturesque village of Bibury known for the Cotswold stone cottages at Arlington Row. We enjoyed tea and cake while there, in The Swan Court Yard. Once back we set about making lasagna along with stuffed peppers. It was then great to taste our home made ice cream from the day before. Jo decided this had been her best day.
making cakes Thursday 9th November

After our breakfast we learnt how to make a hotpot. The hotpot recipe was made in a slow cooker. We also made some fairy cakes to take home with us. For our evening meal we all got dressed up and went out to the local pub in the village. We had the chance for a karaoke sing along.
Friday 10th November

After breakfast we packed our bags and then watched the TV for a short while, waiting for our transport home. Nicole, in the Options Office, had made us all a lovely cook book to take home with us along with a Cookery Course Certificate. We also had our bread and cakes to take home with us. Everyone had enjoyed the week and wanted to come again.
Going home
Cooking Some more pictures from the week

Preparing a meal

Kneading the bread dough
Kneeding the bread dough
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