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Corfu 2007
Corfu 2007
By Jackie & Steve Bastow
Corfu 2007Sunday 23rd September 2007
Steve and I have been on holiday with Options Holidays for the past ten years and this is 5th holiday in Corfu at the Thomas Bay Hotel. The hotel has always have good wheel chair access but this year they have upgraded with with grab rails and ramps the whole village has been made more wheelchair friendly. On the day we arrived we got a really good reception as we always do at this hotel. Last night we all watched a live tribute to Elvis but it was not as good as Bill Young who as come here with us for many years. Bingo is about to start, so I'd better go now. I'll write a bit more tomorrow.

Tuesday 25th September 2007
We had karaoke last night. Steven singing rock all over the world with Andrew. Today I went for a walk up to the harbour and it made everyone tired. Yesterday we all want to Sidari for a look around the shopping, I bought stole to put around myself. We had also been doing a lot of sunbathing and feeling very relaxed. Tonight we are going to do a quiz. I'll let you know if we win. Bye for now.

Corfu 2007Wednesday 26th September 2007
Today some people were going to go on Theo's boat but it was too windy so they went to Sidari on the bus for the day . We went to Paleokastritsa which is a beautiful bay. We had lunch on the front then we went to the Monastery where the views were amazing. We came back by Bella Vista and stopped to admire the views. In the evening we had a singer.

Thursday 27th September 2007
It was stormy again today so we set off for Arillas, some walking over the hills but it rained so hard they had to shelter in the tiny chapel. We spent the rest of the day playing cards till it was time for dinner and the Greek dancing when Steve and Anwar did the fire dance.

Friday 28th September 2007
We went to Arillas today and had lunch and they showed a film by the pool. It was Hair Spray and I laughed all the way through In the evening we had a Karaoke.

Corfu 2007Saturday 29th September 2007
Some people went to Albania and we went to Arillas again and I went in the pool. We had the Elvis chap again tonight.

Sunday 30th September 2007
Well some went on Theo's boat today and we went to Kasiopi. We had lunch there then we went for a drive through lots of pretty little bays and had a drink by the sea. In the evening Steve and Jo and Andrew and I went to bar 38 to hear the singer.

Thursday 4th October 2007
Yesterday Wendy managed to loose her sandals when they were getting me into the sea, which was quite funny and a bit scary 'cos I kept getting face fulls of salty water!!! When Wendy remembered she had taken her shoes off they had disappeared and she had to borrow mine to walk home in. She has had to start wearing the pair that she had bought for Kirstine's Christmas pressie. She promises to clean them before she gives them to her. Then we all went out for a Greek night, it was a fun, Steve Anwar, & Andrew got up and did some dancing, they weren't as good as the belly dancer - they couldn't keep their eyes off her body!!!!!. Today some of the group went to Paleokastritsa and went on a boat trip into caves. This is our last night and we are really going to miss everyone here in San Stefano - we have had a great time and can't wait to return again next year.