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Theo's Boat Trip
By Jo Currie
We went on Theo's boat trip which was an old fishing boat. It was fun. There were a lot of people on the boat themselves getting drank and sunbathing.

Corfu 2007We got there about 9.30 and Theo's introduced himself he is a bit of a character very Greek with good English and he swore a lot and made us laugh. He came out with some amusing things like he called people with big tits he said " that they had big melons" which was very amusing oh well he told a lot about history of island of Corfu and sailed down to one of islands which was beautiful hardly any wind except it pick up later and water just lapping at the boat it was beautiful.

We eventually arrived at island we got off boat and got on sun beds and swam in sea which was warmer than sea in Agios Stephanos it was so clear and we had a barbecue in mean time which we on the boat people got squirted with shaving foam Which went everywhere in do to every other person and he creep up and do like put shaving foam in their hair he was very funny.

Corfu 2007Going back to the BBQ which consisted of chicken and shish kebabs and said free drinks for me and Andrew. We had a lovely glass of red wine it was delicious I felt a bit tipsy after that then went back on board and on the way to the other island we we had a a water fight with shaving foam everybody got soaked people it was laugh and Theo proceeded to do a sexy dance we several of Ladies especially the older ones he was a real flirt.

Then we stopped in a bay and jumped off the boat and swam in the sea. It was gorgeous and I went down a slide. It was fun, it reminded me of my family sailing holidays it brought back a lot of HAPPY MEMORIES. Then we came home sun burned and TANNED, HAVING Had a GOOD DAY OUT I WOULD RECOMMEND THEO'S BOAT TRIP TO ANYONE.