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Corfu 2011
By Kirk Anderson
Saturday 1st October

We met at the airport at 3am! Having arrived in Corfu at 10:50am local time, we drove to our hotel in the coach and cars. We got the rooms sorted, then had lunch in the hotel before unpacking and having a nap. We met later in the dining room for dinner. After dinner most of us watched the band until midnight when we fell into bed.
Corfu 2011
Corfu 2011 Sunday 2nd October

Up late, some people only just made it to breakfast! We walked down to the beach and everybody got a sun lounger. A few people went into the sea, then we had lunch in a beach-side cafe. More sun lounging after lunch before we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. After dinner we had a game of bingo in the lounge, the prizes were big but none of us won. Late to bed!
Monday 3rd October

Had a lazy day around the pool today, we got through tons of sun cream! Some people wandered around the shops, and Kirk, Geraint and David S drove into Sidari to stock up on mosquito bite cream! Had lunch at the hotel, then more sunbathing and swimming in the pool. Kath & David E had a wrestling match and David E hurt his foot! We all got changed for dinner (including the wounded soldier) once the sun started to go down. Later that night we won the hotel music & TV quiz! Options has made a habit over the years of winning most of the quiz nights.
Corfu 2011
Corfu 2011 Tuesday 4th October

Today some of the group drove to the monastery at Paleocastritsa and had a look around the gardens, church and museum. After a photo op around the canon, we had lunch in a cafe overlooking the cliffs. After taking the scenic route home and taking in some stunning views, we had a lazy time in the sun before dinner. After dinner we joined in the karaoke and did very well!
Wednesday 5th October

After a lazy morning around the pool and a spot of postcard writing, we had lunch then went down to the port to get onto four boats. The boats took us out around the islands then we stopped in a sheltered, quiet bay for a picnic and a paddle/swim. We then took the boats back to the harbour and headed back to the hotel. After dinner we enjoyed the Elvis impersonator who danced alongside his shadow, also known as David E!
Corfu 2011
Corfu 2011 Thursday 6th October

Today we rented a dune buggy and drove down the the port and back a few times. Then we walked, drove and wheeled ourselves up the track to the tiny chapel on the hill by the sea for Jackie & Steve to renew their wedding vows in front of the group. We then sang the hymn from their original wedding, All Things Bright And Beautiful. We then had lunch in a lovely restaurant with a 360° view. More fun with the dune buggy before dinner, then we won champagne again in the general knowledge quiz! In the break, the hotel staff announced Jackie & Steve's anniversary and brought out a cake, then Jackie made a speech.
Friday 7th October

Today some of us went souvenir shopping in Sidari while the rest headed to the beach, only to get caught in a shower! After lunch we had a lazy afternoon at the hotel, relaxing and playing pool, before getting ready for dinner and a glass of the champagne that we won last night in the quiz. After dinner we watched the England game on the big TVs. Overnight we had a very spectacular thunderstorm with thunder that shook the whole hotel!
Corfu 2011
Corfu 2011 Saturday 8th October

Half of the group went to the monastery at Pantokrator today, a long and winding journey up into the mountains. The views were spectacular. On the way back down we discovered a little cafe that served food from "Grandma Elena's organic garden" and it was fantastic. Back at the hotel, we did a little shopping, had dinner then watched the band. Unfortunately Kath C was poorly and had to go to the hospital.
Sunday 9th October

Kath C came home from hospital today. We had a relaxing day around the pool, and some people did a bit of shopping. After dinner we did bingo again and Kirk, Geraint & David S won 20 euros between them!
Corfu 2011
Corfu 2011 Monday 10th October

Kath C was unwell again this morning and had to go back to the hospital. The rest watched Mamma Mia on the big TV in the bar and had a sing-a-long. Terry and Avril took a group for a walk through the olive groves. After dinner we won the quiz. Again!
Tuesday 11th October

Kath C still in hospital today. Everyone else had a very blowy day on the beach. Some people wandered off around the shops. After dinner it was karaoke again, Geraint organised everyone into groups for the songs so that other people in the hotel could have a go!
Corfu 2011
Corfu 2011 Wednesday 12th October

Today we rented a quad bike and took it in turns to have a ride down to the port and back while everyone else sat around the pool. After dinner Kath C arrived back at the hotel feeling much better. In the evening we had dinner in a Greek restaurant near the beach and everyone joined in the Greek dancing. Then we returned to the hotel in time for the Elvis Impersonator who had come prepared with a spare microphone for David E!
Thursday 13th October

Today half of the group drove into Sidari to do some souvenir and present shopping, while the rest relaxed and had a picnic on the beach. We made a David S face in the sand with seaweed for a beard! Later we returned to the hotel to get ready for dinner and our final karaoke session of the holiday! Some of the group went out for a meal at a local taverna instead of dinner at the hotel. It was fantastic and Wendy got invited into the kitchen to choose and help cook her fish!
Corfu 2011
Corfu 2011 Friday 14th October

This morning those who didn't go yesterday went into Sidari to do some shopping and have some lunch. The rest stayed behind and avoided the thunder and rain. In the afternoon we did our packing and then got ready for dinner. After dinner we had a cake and the whole hotel sang Happy Birthday as it's James's birthday tomorrow, Then Cathy gave a little speech to say thank you for the holiday. We went to bed early as we have an early start tomorrow.
Saturday 15th October

Up at 6am this morning. Early breakfast then off to the airport on the coach. Our flight home was a few minutes late due to the rain and thunder, but we made it back to Gatwick safely!
Corfu 2011
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