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Caribbean Cruise 2014
By Martin Evans with Orrette, Judith, Robin, Pip, Gordon, Michael, Anwar & Matt.
On the 28th November I got a taxi to Heathrow airport and met up with Wendy and Geraint of Options Supported Holidays. We flew to Baltimore and stayed in the Renaissance Hotel for the night.

Jacuzzi29th: We got a bus from the hotel at 11a.m to get on our cruise ship. We got to the harbour at 11-20am we all checked in then had our photographs taken. We were on the ship by 12 pm and went for lunch on deck 9. We were under way at 4 pm. Later when I was looking over the ship I heard music so I got dancing.

Day 2: After breakfast we all went to the theatre for a talk about the outings we are all going on. I went back to the theatre to see a film. Tonight it was captain's part where some of us met the captain and had our photographs taken before we all went in for dinner. We had to wear our dinner jackets and bow ties tonight.

Day 3: I went to deck 9, poolside to go into the Jacuzzi. Back to my cabin at 5 pm to get ready for a show. We all went and thought it was fantastic. Then we went in for dinner at 8 pm.

Day 4: Today we all went to deck 9. Gordon, Wendy and I went in the Jacuzzis. We had our photo taken at 12 noon there was a band on deck 9. I was good and just had salad and 1 sausage) . At 2.15 some of us went to the theatre and saw The Great and Powerful . At 6 pm most of us met up with Wendy to chat about Cozimel . Before we went in to see a show at 7 pm. It was really good.

Caribbean Cruise 2014Day 5: Today is the day we visit Cozimel in Mexico. Our outing starts at 8.45 am. Geraint took a photo of us all by the Grandeur of the seas. We got on a bus to go to the Gervasio Mayan ruins. It was very interesting and we learnt a lot of history about the Mayan culture. We then went for a trip along the beach road and had a walk on the beach. We drank coconut water out of a coconut. It was delicious. We finished up at the chocolate factory where we learnt about its history and how it is made. We tried some hot chocolate. It was lovely. We went back to the port and had lunch and then did some shopping. When we got back on board there was music and dancing as the ship set sail. We went to the theatre to see Puck the magician. We then went for dinner at 8pm. In the Centrum they had music from the 60's ans 70's and I was dancing again.

Day 6: Grand Caymen. We went on a glass bottom boat and saw a lot of fish We went over a ship wreck and a reef called the cheeseburger. We then went to Hell and they let us come back. We drove along 7 mile beach and went to the dolphins experience. When we got back on board we went to get lunch as we were hungry. We went to the theatre to see a music and dancing show Hellbased on the tango. After dinner I went to bed as I was tired and there were too many people on the dance floor. It was a Caribbean night so we bought Caribbean shirts. We looked great.

Day 7: Jamaica. We are in Falmouth and at 10.45 we set off to get a boat to take us ashore. We got on a tour bus to go to a 17th century grand house. It was very interesting. The beds were very small. The lady for whom the house was built was buried under her bedroom and there was a grave stone. It was on a 1800's sugar plantation. We had lunch of jerk chicken and dough bread at the plantation. When we got back on board there was a typical Caribbean send off. Gordon and I were dancing and the singer shook Gordon's hand. In the evening we had dinner and there was supposed to be a special show in the Centrum. But the acrobats had to cancel so we just had the music and dance because it was too rough for the rest.

JamaicaDay 8: Our last tour of the trip and we woke to the captain announcing that a storm was coming and we would have to leave Haiti at 1.30 instead of 4 and our trip was booked for 12.30. We had to dash about and rebook earlier. It was a wonderful trip . We went by boat to a tiny beach, waded through the water and relaxed under the trees. Some people explored the local house and shops while others paddled in the warm sea. They were selling conch shells and making holes so that people could play them. When we returned to the ship we had a real Haitian send off with dancers on the pier. There was a brilliant show off a guy from las Vegas who took off Sammy Davis. After dinner there was a 70's tribute in the Centrum followed by a 70's party. I never left the floor, I danced all night.

Day 9: Late breakfast and a relaxing morning. I spent the afternoon with Wendy helping me with my diary. After dinner we went to bed as there was rough sea and it was hard to walk straight.

Day 10: What a night. A terrible storm. No one slept much but most of us made it to breakfast. There were all sorts of demos in the morning including one on how to fold towels into animals. The sea was still very rough. The waves were 30 ft. high. In the afternoon there was a matinee and we also did our packing. After dinner there was a party and I dance all night,, despite the ship tossing about . I am so happy. It's been the best holiday ever.