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Cruise: The Bahamas
Cruise Bahamas
Holiday dates: 18th November to 3rd December 2017.
Holidaying are: Jon & Anna with Kirstine.
Saturday 18th November

We met up at the airport early in the morning for our flight to Barbados. We were all looking forward to going. Anna has never been on a cruise but Jon has been several times before. The 8 hour flight flew by! And we soon landed in Barbados where it was nice and hot. We were taken to our Cruise ship the AZURA which is lovely. After checking in we found our cabins (quiet easily thank goodness!) and had a look around the ship. That evening we had a lovely dinner, Anna even tried the shark before falling exhausted into our beds.
great food
Cruise Sunday 19th November

After a delicious breakfast, we set about exploring the ship. We found the Spa and Anna decided to make an appointment to have her nails done. The sun decks had various pools and lots of places to sit and relax. We decided to relax in the sun and Jon decided to look round the ship. Anna enjoyed a mocktail and Jon chose for us to get  food at the grill. That evening we wore our black tie outfits and beautiful dresses and went for a drink with the captain before our fabulous 6 course dinner! After dinner we watch the Show with songs from the musical and Andrew Lloyd Webber. It was really good.
Monday 20th November

Today we stopped in Antigua. As our trip ashore was in the afternoon Anna decided she would like to have her nails painted so she looked the part. John enjoyed walking round the ship and seeing what there was to see. When we went ashore we had a 4x4 jeep safari tour. It was great fun and bumpy in places but a great way to see the sights of the island. To finish our tour off we stopped at a beach and relaxed for a while enjoying the warm ocean and lovely white sand. That evening we watched the Show Blame it on the Boogie which was a spectacle of the 1970’s music from ‘boogie wonderland’, ‘Disco Inferno’ and ‘I will Survive’.
St Kitts train Tuesday 21st November

Today we stopped in St Kitts. Our trip ashore was a ride on the St Kitts scenic railway. The old train used to be for transporting the sugar cane so it was certainly a different way to see some of the sights of the island. There was also a choir on the train who sang to us along with Jessy who told us all the history of the island. When we got back Anna had her toenails painted to match her hands. That evening we had yet another wonderful meal. The entertainment in the Playhouse was a ventriloquist Gareth Oliver from the TV show the X-factor. He introduced us to George his Monkey and his wife Alice who is also a ventriloquist and they sang a duo each doing the other voice. It was Hilarious.
Wednesday 22nd November

Today was a day at sea. We relaxed on the sun loungers and had a go in the Jacuzzi. It was so hot that even Anna had to move her sunbed into the shade. Jon enjoyed exploring the ship and talking to all the different people who work onboard. In the afternoon after attending a ladies pamper party where we learnt about cleaning our faces, Anna decided to have a lovely foot massage. This evening it was a black tie evening so we all dressed up. Jon Looked fantastic in his suit and bow tie and Anna had her lovely blue dress on. The entertainment this evening in the Playhouse was electric sounding songs from the 1980’s. It was a really enjoyable show.
Evening meal
evening entertainment Thursday 23rd November

Today was a day at sea. We found our deck chairs to relax for the day. The movie on the outdoor cinema screen was King Kong which we enjoyed watching. Anna had loved her spa treatments so far so decided to book a foot massage which she said was very soothing. After yet another delicious meal we went to the Playhouse to see the entertainment. The entertainer that evening was a ventriloquist Gareth Oliver from X-factor again but with a different show. This time he introduced us to Grandad to. It was hilarious yet again!
Friday 24th November

This morning we arrived in Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic. Today is the day we get to swim with dolphins which we have been looking forward to. After breakfast we made our way to the coach to go to Ocean World. First we watched the parrot show, then it was time to go and get ready for our dolphin swim. Firstly we held on to 2 dolphins dorsal fins and the dolphins pulled us through the water, then we had kisses and hugs from them and danced with them. Finally we got pulled through the water by the dolphins again. It was a magical experience. After we had changed we watched the sea lion show before heading back to the ship. We had enough time before our ship set sail again to get some gifts and souvenirs from the shops.
tour of galley Saturday 25th November

Today was a day at sea. Today Anna decided to join the tour of the galley and Jon decided he would like a behind the scenes tour. Jon toured the Bridge, The Galley, the engine room, the very cold refrigeration room, the mooring deck and where they keep all the rubbish! He said it was really interesting. The Galley tour showed us where they prepare all the food, each different section giving us the details how it is done. Then we had a lovely lunch and were sure we would never manage dinner! That evening there was another fantastic show by the headlines theatre company called evolution.
Sunday 26th November

Today we stopped at Guadeloupe and saw a display by the'welcome dancers'. We decided that it was a good idea to have a look around the town and visit the market to get some gifts and souvenirs to take home. Jon got himself a new hat and Anna a tea towel. After lunch we relaxed on the sun loungers and the Jacuzzi while Jon wondered round the ship. That evening it was a black tie event where we dressed up in our finery. We enjoyed the show by the ships headliners theatre company which was ‘Dusty’ it was a dazzling show with a live orchestra celebrating Dusty Springfield.
St Lucia Monday 27th November

Today we stopped at St Lucia. After breakfast we went ashore for our tour, we headed towards the Pistons for some fabulous views of the iconic pistons. The pistons are now a world heritage site. After taking our photos we carried on with our tour with Amelia our fabulous tour guide giving us so much information about the island. We stopped at the waterfalls which were fabulous. We followed our tour guide through the beautiful botanical gardens as she told us about the fruit and flowers of the Island. Jon said it was very interesting an really enjoyed the day.
Tuesday 28th November

Today we woke up in the port of Martinique. We went ashore for our tour 'South Panoramic and Beach'. We had a tour of the south with Monica our guide giving us the history of the island. We stopped at various viewpoints to take some amazing pictures and enjoy the fantastic views. When we arrived at our beautiful beach we got some sun loungers to relax on and had a paddle in the sea. It was lovely and warm not like home!! There was a boat that had washed up on the beach the only sign of the recent hurricane Maria. On our return journey we were shown lots of local fruits and flowers and stopped at a banana plantation to look at the fruit. This evening we put on our dinner jackets and dresses for dinner to enjoy the chef’s parade so we could thank all the chef’s and waiting staff for all the fantastic work they do in the kitchens. That evening we enjoyed the show ‘My Generation’ a celebration of the British summer bank holiday set in the 60’s with songs from the 60’s.
Flag sail away party Wednesday 29th November

Today we woke up in Grenada. Our trip today was first to a rum distillery where we saw how they made rum. It is still made with very little machinery as it would have been in the 18th Century. We then tried some rum punch but passed on the 70% one! Then we went to the Chocolate factory where they harvested the coco and the delicious chocolate. Anna and Jon really enjoyed trying the hot chocolate (even though it was very hot!) and the other types of chocolate. We all had to get some chocolate to take home! That evening we sang and danced at the Great British sail away party celebrating being British. We waved our flags and joined in the singing it was a fantastic evening.
Thursday 30th November

This morning we woke up in St Vincent. Our trip today was a hike in the rainforest. When we arrived our guide gave us the history of the islands and told us about the local flora and fauna we saw on route. It soon started raining. We all got absolutely soaking wet. It was very muddy so Anna decided it was a bit difficult so returned back but Jon carried on to the top and saw the magnificent views. Unfortunately there were no parrots to be seen as they were sensibly staying out of the rain!
St Vincent
Cruise Friday 1st December

This morning we woke up in Barbados. After our immigration checks we relaxed on the ship joining in the activities and quizzes. Anna did quite well on name the TV show but sadly didn’t win. All too soon it was time to do or packing and get ourselves organized for our trip home. At dinner we were joined by our friends Dave and Sue for dinner and had a lovely time chatting. Anna collected her photos she had purchased on the ship and we retired to our rooms shattered after a brilliant holiday. Jon says he has enjoyed everything about his cruise especially swimming with the dolphins.
Saturday 2nd December

After breakfast we caught our last few rays of sunshine as we heard it was very cold in England, shame we can’t bottle it and take it home. Anna said it was a dream come true going on the cruise she loved it all and it was great fun but she really enjoyed swimming with the dolphins as she had not done it before. We said goodbye to all the friends we have made and after lunch we took the bus back t the airport and caught our flight home. We arrived home very early in the morning on the 3rd December but we had an amazing trip.

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