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Faith Week 10th – 16th March 2008
Ruth’s Diary
Faith Week 2008Monday

Waited ALL morning for Adrian. He had his friend “Jane”, the sat nav in the car with us. Arrived safely and found I had a great big room with my own bathroom. Had a rest, then some tea. Had a meeting to tell us about what we were going to do during the week.


Lovely breakfast, I enjoyed my porridge. Went to Morning Prayer and then looked at who Jesus was. I picked out a picture and put it on a cross and then made a flag. Had lunch then had a nice afternoon relaxing, listening to some music.

Tonight, after tea, we went line dancing. I did not like it, although I did try it. It was good just to watch. Really tired tonight.

Faith Week 2008Wednesday

Had no electricity this morning after storm last night, but still had a lovely breakfast. Went to the church for prayer and to look at why Jesus died, to save us. Had a good time and after lunch we went to a craft centre, where I made a candle. I decorated the glass and the box.

In the evening we went to join some friends at the Woodcroft Centre, where we sang some songs, played some music and listened to a story about Jesus.


Tired from yesterday. After breakfast we went to the church to talk about what we believe and how it makes us feel. We went to a convent to join the nuns for lunchtime prayer. It was a bit strange, but I enjoyed it. After a picnic lunch we went to a little church and heard about Saint Francis of Assisi.

In the evening we went out for tea and played “virtual ten pin bowling”, it was really fun, I got a spare bowl.

Faith Week 2008Friday

After breakfast we went tot eh church to practice for Sunday. We did two stories one about the Last Supper and one about when Jesus went to Jerusalem. I tread the second story while my friends acted the parts.

We then went to Newent to have lunch and look around a shop. We had to go back to move into a new hotel. In the evening we had a meal that was call a “Passover Meal”. It had prayers, little glasses of wine and salad and lamb. It was quite late when we got home.


We had breakfast and then practiced some songs and the plays. We went to Gloucester Cathedral and had a nice look around, because it was too wet for a picnic. In the evening after tea we watched a video about Jesus.

Dora Capell and Derek HollandSunday

Today is our last day. Lovely breakfast and had to pack up to go home. Went to the church and saw lots of people. Claire from where I live was there with some friends. I read the story out and we had a lovely time at the Palm Sunday service.

After the service we all had a lunch at the church. All the people who had helped were there and we thanked them. It was then time to say goodbye and go home.

I had a lovely time and some good times when it made me laugh. The hotel was good and I enjoyed the food. I would recommend this holiday for anyone who wants to know more about Jesus.