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My Amazing holiday in the Gite - Grue Demoiselle
by Jo Currie
Day 1

I arrived at Stanstead Airport at 9 30 am. It took me and mum nearly 2 hours to get there from my home in Surrey, lucky the motorways where not full of traffic to be greeted by Geriant in a bright purple tee shirt with options on that was a good advertisement for our company so was mini buses driving round France in it with Gb sticker. I was the first to arrive followed by Carolyn who lived near my friend Marcus followed by Pamela and then Anthony (tony) and Duncan all from London.

The group seemed like a nice group and I particularly fond of Carolyn who I helped most holiday as she was a bit slow at doing things at times .We had coffee at the airport while waiting for the plane we. We are flying with Ryanair. It took 1 hour 50 minutes to fly to Limoges in France, the air stewards were very patient with us .We sat in the middle .We left in rain and arrived in the heat of the day, the worse thing about the plane was a screaming child who was about 6 months old who screamed all the way. It was lucky it was a short flight not a long one.

We arrived at Limoges and the fly in was fun views were amazing and we had a bumpy landing. It took 40 minutes to get gite. Oh by the way the airport at Limoges is in the middle of the sticks and very small compared to other airports we been to. We arrived at our Gite to be greeted by Wendy who had already been out a week to check it out. I loved it as we came down this dirty track and farm and there it was, in was middle nowhere surrounded by fields of corn I loved it.

We were all hot and bothered and went to rooms which named after birds, I am in owl. Which I love owls. I have a lovely view and two lovely beds. I chose my white duvet one with Wendy who was sewing for her new grandson. We went and had showers. The water was cold because Catherine and Jim forgotten to put the immersion on. We got to know them through0ut the week. I asked 20 questions and she loved that she is from Essex and Jim is from Edinburgh then we had a lovely meal and went to bed.
PardouxDay 2

I was up at crack of dawn which happened most days of the holiday. It was very hot, we had a heatwave during the time we away and made us sick so we stayed indoors during heat of day. I got too much sun on day 2 but still got a suntan.

We had a late breakfast then we went into Bellac the local town which has got loads of cheap hypermarkets to by our picnics.One of them was lydls and netto. They great and I decided to spend spend on bargains which consisted of 2 tops and pair shorts and some espadrilles French shoes and Wendy bought food for picnic, we went to lake at Pardoux which was very big and had a nice sand beach and full of French children having lunch we sat in shade and then went for a dip in lake it is a very pure lake I felt it cleanse me from head to foot. Geraint, tony who is a brilliant swimmer and me went first I spend most afternoon in water followed by Wendy and Duncan and Pamela and Carolyn paddled.

Then after went got back and pootled around for some time some us had a rest. We had our meals outside bar one, we never get that in England it all rains the time. I was missing Wimbledon and Andy Murray matches so most days I watched news to see who won and suppose he had so far. Then I went to bed with a warm shoulder and feeling very sore. Oh by the way you everything is at the lake I like. Peddle, me and Geraint quite keen on sailing boats but no wind at time next year. I am going to do it if I can. There is something about place I love about the gite, it is so spiritual and has an aura about it. I love it so much. The place and the surrounding area.
Virgin Mary Day 3

We went Auvent we place where the Virgin Mary the mother Jesus first appeared to people in this area of France it had a church and cross of Jesus and statues of all place she area in a place the river running through it also a shrine to virgin Mary we people doing prayers to her It was amazing I lit a candle and prayed so did tony and Pamela who did nice prayers then in afternoon we went back to lake but did stay along then home and we had bed.
Virgin Mary
ChateauChateauxDay 4

Today we went to an old chateau. It was a long drive. When we got there it was very cool inside. We went into the garden and found a lovely place to picnic under some arches. Afterwards we had a tour of the chateau. The guide did not speak English so Wendy had a translation and had to be our tour guide. Some people from Belgium joined us. The rooms were very beautiful and there was some lovely old French furniture. The art and tapestries were great and we even went into the kitchens.

After that we had a lovely walk in the grounds. It was very hot but there were plenty of trees to keep us cool. In the evening we invited our hosts and some local people to a BBQ and games evening. We had planned a camp fire and sing song but it was far too hot. We had a super evening and as it got later we were able to play a garden game a bit like skittles.
Day 5

Well another very hot day we relaxed in the lovely games, did some sketching and paintings of the gite and grounds then took a picnic to the lakes and had a lovely cool swim. In the evening we went for dinner in a lovely restaurant and as it was so hot we sat outside. We had a really nice meal and we were very adventurous with the French food.

Well it is time for most of us to say good bye to this wonderful place but we all want to come back next year