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Great Yarmouth
24th - 30th July 2016
Holidaying are: Chris, Will, Lorraine, Chrissie, David, Michael & Ian, with Tom and Catrin.
Sunday 24th July 
We arrived at the hotel and was shown to our rooms and unpacked before going to dinner. After dinner Chris, William and Lorraine went for a walk along the front and had a go on some of the machines in the arcades whilst the others had a drink in the bar before going to bed 
greatyarmouth Monday 25th July 
Today we went to Africa Alive, an animal park where there are all different types of animals that can be found in Africa. We watched the giraffes getting fed and also got close up with tortoises and lemurs as they got fed. Other animals we got to see were lions, zebras, rhinos, snakes and much more. David particularly liked the rhinos and giraffes. After that we headed back to the hotel to give people enough time to have a relax and get ready for dinner, after dinner we headed down the front again this time we headed towards the fun fair where William went on a couple of rides and on the way back we had a drink at the bar on the pier. 
Tuesday 26th July 
Today we made the most of the sun and had a beach day. After breakfast we went and got a spot on the beach, got deck chairs and sun loungers and relaxed on the beach. William had a swim in the sea and Chris dipped his feet in. We then had fish and chips on the front for lunch before going for a little shop in the high street and then having a drink in a café. We then went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and after dinner William, Lorraine, Mike and Chris came to arcades and had a drink at the pier bar again. 
greatyarmouth2016 Wednesday 27th July 
Today we went to Thursford which is a place that has old fair ground wagons and steam engines as well as old fair ground rides and organs. Chris, William, Mike, Tom and Catrin went on the carousel once and the gondola twice, William and Chris went on the carousel twice too. Chris really enjoyed the show where Robert Wolfe one of the worlds leading theatre organist played The Might Wurlitzer and afterwards bought one of his cds from one of the gift shops. Lorraine liked the old style shops and bought a little musical carousel herself. After dinner at the hotel we all went to the pier to play bowling. David won the bowling with a score of 116, after bowling we went back to the hotel and chilled out in the bar area before bed 
Thursday 28th July 
Today we went to the aquarium and seen all kinds of animals, we seen penguins getting fed and everyone stroked star fish. Chrissie, Tom, Catrin and Chris also put their hands in this tank where shrimp would crawl on your hands and tickle you as they removed any dirt from your hands and under your nails. After the aquarium we had a picnic lunch on the front and then headed into the town centre for a little bit of shopping and a drink in a café. After dinner in the hotel we had another walk along the front and went to a pub on the other pier and had a drink. David Chris and Will had a game of pool and Ian had a go on the quiz machine.  
greatyarmouth2016 Friday 29th July 
It was a busy day today. After breakfast Tom Mike and William went swimming, William enjoyed the water slide and Mike enjoyed it when the wave pool would start. Catrin, Lorraine, Ian and Chris went and did some last minute gift shopping along the sea front and had a drink and some cake in a café whilst waiting for the others to finish off their swim. Once the others joined after the swim we had a picnic lunch. We then went and played pirate crazy golf which Ian eventually won followed closely by Chris in second and William in third. We then headed back to the hotel to pack ready to leave in the morning. Once we were packed Lorraine Catrin Chris Tom and William went to the fair. William went on the roller coaster and also on Waltzers, whilst Chris dragged Catrin onto the bumper cars with him and dragged Tom onto the haunted house ride before taking both Tom and Catrin onto the log flume with him. After the fair we headed back to the hotel for dinner. After Dinner we went to the cinema Chrissie was happy to stay at the hotel and watch tv, David, Ian and Mike went and watched Ghostbusters which they all really enjoyed, the rest of them went and watched Finding Dory which had Chris William and Lorraine laughing all the way through. After getting back from the cinema we had one last drink in the bar before going to bed 
Saturday 30th July 
Today it was time to leave, after breakfast we all said our goodbyes and headed home after a fun week which William enjoyed all of along with Lorraine, Chris and Mike Ian's highlight of the week was going to Africa Alive and seeing the animals and Chrissie and David also enjoyed their week they were happy with the things they had bought when shopping. 
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