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Great Yarmouth
Group photo
Holiday dates 13th to 19th August 2017
Holidaying are: Stevie, Toyin, Debbie, Sandra, Kerry, Leslie and Michael, with Bryony and Tara.
Sunday 13th August

Tara and Stevie arrived early at the hotel. Once everyone else had arrived we had a 3 course meal together at the hotel and enjoyed the views out over the sea. We watched the sky become darker with the lights coming on all along the sea front.
evening meal
Higher, lower game Monday 14th August

We walked to the Pleasure Beach and played a game with cards called "higher or lower". (Like Bruce Forsyth's TV program). None of us won but they let us have pom poms. We then had lunch on the pier and everyone had a go on the 2pence slot machines. Then we travelled on the open top bus which went along the sea front, seeing the wind farm, boating lake, the big wheel and the second pier.
Tuesday 15th August

In the morning we split into 2 groups, with half of us going to a fun swim with inflatables, slides and waves. The other group played bingo, unfortunately no one won but they still enjoyed it. We all met up for lunch at a cafe on the seafront and then went hunting for more postcards. We walked to Great Yarmouth's second pier. Toyin had her face painted and we had a drink at a pub on the end of the pier. After a three course meal some of the group chose to see an Elvis impersonator at a local pub.
swimming pool
Africa Alive land train Wednesday 16h August

Today we went to 'Africa Alive' which is a wildlife park. We took the road train which travels around the park and enjoyed a picnic next to the Giraffe and zebra enclosure. We saw a dance group from Africa and this was the highlight of the day. Some of the group joined in the dancing. Later when we were back at the hotel, we discovered a band playing outside of the hotel! The crowd slowly grew and we enjoyed dancing along and then we saw the firework display going off over the sea.
Thursday 17th August

We got up early to catch a steam train, this took us to the Norfolk Broads. We then went on a river cruise in Wroxham, where we had our picnic and enjoyed looking at the lovely scenery. We had a little shop in Wroxham and then travelled back by steam train. The lovely staff at the hotel let us chose any meal that we wanted. We had a steak dinner made just for us ! There was entertainment at the hotel and we listened to the singer and danced to the 50's, 60's and 70's music into the night.
river cruise
Pleasur Beach Friday 18th August

Today we started the day by buying a few gifts for friends and family and then making our way to the Pleasure Beach. Michael and Toyin went on the Big Wheel and Stevie went in a Zorb ball on the water. After going on some more of the rides we had lunch in a beautiful Tea Room garden full of flowers. Then at The Sea life Center we saw fish, crocodiles, penguins, sharks and turtles. Later in the evening half the group chose to go to the cinema. The rest of us decided to stay in the hotel bar.
Saturday 19th August

Our last day and we enjoyed our last full English breakfast of the holiday. Everyone said how much they had enjoyed their holiday. Leslie said, "I have had a good holiday, I've had a good time. I will come back."
a good holiday
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