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Villa in Lanzarote
7th - 21st May 2016
Holidaying are: Richard, David, Tony and Chris, with Kirstine and Tom.
Saturday 7th May 
We all met up at Gatwick airport (Tony, Chris, David, Richard, Tom and Kirstine) dropped off our bags, made our way through security and managed to fit in a drink before making our way to the gate to catch our plane.  The plane was delayed because the pilot was ill and needed a replacement; we all clapped and cheered when his replacement finally turned up… We got to Lanzarote after the four-hour flight and made the short drive to our lovely villa. We left the unpacking until the morning and went to bed.  
lanzarote2016 Sunday 8th May 
After a very lazy morning we got up, had breakfast, finally unpacked and then looked round our villa. The pool was lovely and warm; we had a tennis court, table tennis table and a BBQ! We had to go food shopping as we were self catered in the villa so we found a shop and got lots of nice food and even some alcohol David chose beer and Richard had picked wine. We had a lovely lunch on the patio at the villa before Richard, Chris and David tried out the pool. In the evening we had a marvellous dinner consisting of roast chicken, potatoes, carrots, broccoli and sweet corn.  
Monday 9th May 
Today we visited Cesar Manrique Foundation at the artist’s house, Cesar had designed his house around large volcanic bubbles he created to become lounges and dining rooms. The house was very impressive, we looked at some of his artwork as well before travelling to Costa Teguise for lunch by the beach. After our lunch we wandered round the shops and bought a few gifts and souvenirs before heading back to the villa.  
lansarote2016 Tuesday 10th May 
Today the weather was slightly overcast so we decided to visit Rancho Texas, an animal park. We saw lots of different animals, Richard was a fan of the albino snake but we also saw terrapins, armadillos, buffalos, white tigers, a puma, various types of lizards, chickens, goats, rabbits, donkeys, a golden eagle, snow owl, miniature ponies, a sea lion show, parrot show and a Lajo demonstration. Everyone really enjoyed themselves, Tony’s favourite part was the sea lion show and Chris’ was seeing the water python.  
Wednesday 11th May 
Today we had a relaxing day at the villa. In the morning we all had a swim in our pool and sat outside just enjoying the sun, then after lunch some of us went to the shop to get some sweets and biscuits! It was a lovely sunny day.  
lanzarote2016 Thursday 12th May 
Today we visited Timanfaya Volcano Park. It last erupted in 1730 and has created a unique and beautiful landscape. Firstly we went on a coach tour round the volcano to see the impact that it had and the creator where it erupted. Then we watched a demonstration as a man put a bush down a hole to show that it caught fire and put some water in the hole and steam spurted out, the volcano is still active! The day out that we had was incredibly fascinating.  
Friday 13th May 
This morning David and Chris wanted to go on a camel ride and Tony wanted to go along for a ride in the car. David loved the experience but Chris said although he’s glad he’s done it, he doesn’t plan on doing it again. On the way back to the villa we stopped off to buy food so we could have a BBQ. We had a lovely BBQ sat outside on the veranda and swan in the pool.  
lanzarote2016 Saturday 14th May 
Today we went off to the cactus garden. It was another of Cesar Manrique’s creations and it was lovely. There were lots of different types of cacti there, later we climbed up to the windmill. It was very windy up there! We had a lovely lunch of pizza at the gardens and then set off on a tour of the island. We drove up to the very top of Mirador del Rio, again another of Cesar Manrique’s creations. From there we drove on the cliff top roads with fantastic views of both sides of the island. We saw “The Valley of the Thousand Palms” and then went onto another look out point, Mirador De Haria which had excellent views. We drove through Teguise on our way back to the island. 
Sunday 15th May 
Today we went to the market in Teguise, which is one of the largest markets on the island. You could buy everything there. Tony and David both got new hats, Chris bought himself a bag and Richard got some glasses. Everyone got gifts to take back home to family and friends. It was a lovely day and after lunch we agreed we had walked around enough and it was certainly time to head back to the villa. Later that evening some of us decided to have another swim in the pool.  
lanzarote2016 Monday 16th May 
Today we had a tour of the southern part of the island. We drove first to Las Casitas and saw a house which had fabulous displays of nautical paraphernalia in the garden including a U.S. attack helicopter.  We climbed up through the volcanic mountains then down to Playa Blanca. From there we could see the neighbouring islands, Fuerteventura and Isla de Lobos, we carried on to Salinas de Janubio where we stopped and had lunch overlooking the salt planes. We drove passed the black sand beaches where some people were looking for volcanic bombs so they can smash them open.  We passed the Purple Mountain and continued on to the El Golfo to see the famous lagoon. We then drove through the wine region, and saw La Geria Wine and Timanfaya National Park in the background, then back through La Asomada and Mácher and home to our villa.  
Tuesday 17th May 
Today we spent the most part at the villa relaxing and swimming after our busy day yesterday. We took a trip to the spa then later that evening we went to Rancho Texas for a cowboy evening with line dancing and a lasso and whip show. David and Tony enjoyed the line dancing whilst others preferred to watch. The evening was completed by a buffet BBQ with chicken, ribs, jacket potatoes and salad before we headed back to the villa for bed.  
lanzarote2016 Wednesday 18th May 
Today we went to Bodegas El Grifo, established in 1775 it’s one of the oldest wine cellars in the Canaries. We wandered round the museum located in the original wine cellars and saw the old presses, machinery and tools. We then had a wander round the vineyard and the little cactus garden before sampling some of the wines. The wines were so tasty some of us decided to buy some!  
Thursday 19th May 
Today we went to Jameos del Ayva. These are two open-air volcanic caves with a volcanic tunnel running between them which has been turned into a fantasy grotto. We climbed down the steps and stopped off in the first café for a drink. We then went further down to the underground lake, which was so beautiful, and clear, it was populated by hundreds of tiny white spider-line albino crabs. This is the only place in the world where they can be found! We had a look round Casa de los volcanoes and learnt all about volcanology. Before we headed back to the villa we had lunch overlooking the sea.   
lanzarote2016 Friday 20th May 
Today we drove to Playa Blanca and had a wander round the town purchasing a few last minute souvenirs before having a leisurely lunch outside in the sunshine. We then headed back to the villa for a swim. 
Saturday 21st May  
We had a fabulous holiday. Chris said he loved it and can’t wait to come again next year and is thinking of going to a hotel. Tony said it was brilliant and he and Gareth want to go to America next year.  Richard can’t wait for next year’s brochure to come out and David says he wants to come back again. We all had a great time and enjoyed our day relaxing by the pool as we waited for our evening flight home.  
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