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London 2007
London Show 2007

By Julia Woodhams
I enjoyed going to see Billy Elliot and the Sound of Music. I enjoyed singing to the Sound of Music, Climb every mountain is my favourite as well as so long farewell….. Goodnight.

I enjoyed it when his dad didn’t want him to go to ballet all he wanted him to do is do boxing. “But all I want to do is do Ballet” said Billy – I like it when the pianist on the stage joined in – it was funny, he took off his trousers and he had just shorts on – and when ~Billy said “why don’t we dress up in my mum’s clothes” coz’ his friend wore a tutu – it was good and funny.

London Show 2007I thought we had good seats as we were right close to the stage. It was a great view – we say them all close up. We went outside and to see the Captain and Connie and we got their autographs. I had my photo taken with Connie – she was good.

The rainforest café was nice and I enjoyed watching the lady painting the children’s faces. We were sitting near the lady while we waiting for our food, and she painted the animal faces onto the children, some had tigers and some had butterflies on their faces and their and arms.

I chicken and pasta – it wasn’t bad, it had broccoli in it and pepper – which are not my favourite. I had two sprites, the staff was very nice.

Me, Philip, Katie and Kirstine (support worker) got a black cab back from Leicester Square to our hotel. Kirstine couldn’t find my room, so I went to the bar, so Philip and I went to the bar, and I treated him to a drink – I had a white wine and lemonade and Philip had a coke. On the first night on the Friday we had drinks in the bar and I had a martini and lemonade – my favourite drinks.

Breakfast, too much to choose from – on Saturday I had rice crispies and sultanas followed by hot breakfast – I don’t normally have a cooked breakfast but it was nice.

London Show 2007Horse Guards parade – I nearly forgot about that – it was GREAT!

I liked it the most when the horses were waiting and the horses were sneezing or neighing and it was funny and I like it when they the man in charge said something and it sounded like a different language. The first lot came back from Buckingham Palace and then the second lot when off to look after the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

I enjoyed going up the London Eye and seeing all the different places like Big Ben, and all the different boats, Buckingham Palace, we waved at the other capsules and sang songs and Fiona (support worker) was doing the dancing from Billy Elliot. I had my photo taken. It was nice to get my photo at the end of the ride.

I brought some presents when we were up in Harrods – two tea towels, two lots of sweets. We went into Harrods Christmas shop and we had our photo taken, we will get copies of that. Normally on some holidays we get DVDs, but this time we were busy, and Geraint was busy driving and finding places to park – he missed out on the Harrods tea, but had a Pizza on the Saturday.

The sandwiches, cakes and scones and cream – it was lovely but by the end I was full up – I said “if I eat any more I won’t get into my other trousers!”.

I brought some more presents from down in the hotel = a mug and three key rings and three fridge magnets.