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Majorca 2010
By Vera
We all met at the airport. I was waiting and alister came and Terry and Lynette then Hayden arrived then Wendy and Geraint and jack. Then peter came and we all checked in. We had to go through the scanner and have our bags checked. After the scanner we went to sit down and wait to be called. After that we went on the plane and the cases were under the plane. When we got of the plane we had to wait to get our cases off the belt.

Once we got our case we had to look for the coach to take us to our hotel near arcadia.
When we got here we had to see the manager to give us the cards for our room. After that the manager took us up in the lift to show us our doors to see what bedroom we had. And then we took our luggage inside our bedrooms and then we came down for a drink and something to eat. And then we went back up to unpack and put our stuff away. And we all went to bed

In the morning we had breakfast and then we had a talk about what we wanted to do. We decided to have a drinks kitty to save us all paying separately at the table. Then we went for a walk before lunch after lunch we went to sit by the pool and enjoy the sun. Some people went for a swim. Then we went upstairs to have a shower and change for dinner. Then we came down and had our evening meal for to eat. Then we sat in the bar and had drinks and got to know each other and after that we went to bed

After breakfast we sat up here and had a chat about what we were doing today after that bit we got ready to go out then we all went round to the mini bus then we went to a long ride to the place where the caves are. After that when we got there the first thing we did was sit down to have our packed lunches. Then we went to walk through to where the caves are. We walked down lots of steps till we got to the place where we had to sit down. When we sat down there was this man talking and when he had talked about things the lights went out.

When the lights went out there were boats rowing with lights and music playing. It was good. After that when that stopped the lights came back on and we all stood up and went walking up the steps and waited in the queue to get on the boat and when we had done the boat we had to go back up the steps. Once we were up the steps and out of the cave we went to a shop and got some post cards, and then we had a drink and after that we got back in the bus and then we came back to here on a long ride back.. then we went up stairs to get ready for the evening and do our cards. After that we came down stairs for our evening meal and then we came back up to the bar and started our diary

After breakfast Jack and Wendy gave us all our money then after that we got ready to go out we had a long drive up to a monastery in Valdamossa. We went back to the car and had are packed lunch. After the packed lunch we went to go and find somewhere we could have a drink. Then after are drinks we had a long drive through the mountains to find a supermarket for Wendy. When we found one Wendy went in the supermarket. Then after the supermarket we came back here. When we got back we all went upstairs to have a shower and get ready for the evening. we came down and got our evening meal then after that we watched a DVD called cats and dogs. When cats and dogs finished we went up to bed as it was quite late.

We went down for breakfast but only some of us were there because the others had caught a bug. Then after that we just sat down and chatted. Then after lunch time Geraint took us out for a drive around the area. We then had a quick walk down to the shops then came back to the hotel. We went up to our rooms to get ready for dinner and then had dinner. After dinner we sat and talked again then we went up to bed.

After breakfast we all went and sat out to where the swimming pool is and we sat out there till lunch time. then after lunch we went out to the back garden. Then after that we went upstairs to get ready for the evening. To have dinner

We had breakfast and went up to our rooms to get a few things then came downstairs to take some taxis to port alcudia and we went in to lots of gift shops to buy are gifts. After that we went to a cafe and had some toastiest. Then after the food we went on a boat trip. We then went to get more taxis back to the hotel. when we got back in we all went to get ready for our evening meal.