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Outdoor Multi-Activity 2015 - Bendrigg
By Tara Johnson

Friday 21st August 2015

JoI eagerly waited for everyone to arrive. At 4:30 Russell and Marie arrived. A member of staff from Bendrigg met them on arrival and showed them to Oakwood house. They were very excited to have arrived and were looking forward to the week ahead. I showed them to their room and they quickly unpacked. They were well prepared and had everything they needed. Shortly after, we received news that the others were running late.

Next, we looked at the plans for the week and helped collect our tea from the kitchen. We were also given our breakfast and lunch ingredients. For tea we had chicken, broccoli and potatoes. It was yummy! I am a vegetarian so I had a tasty nut roast, followed by a delicious dessert.

The others still hadn’t arrived so we were showed around Bendrigg, which is absolutely fantastic. There is something for everyone! We looked at the climbing wall, sensory room and even got to explore the indoor caving.

By the time we got back the others had arrived so we made them something to eat. Once everyone were unpacked most people went to bed excited for the day ahead.


Saturday 22nd August 2015

We all woke up bright and early looking forward to an afternoon of caving. Some people made cereal and toast; others had a bacon sandwich. We all carefully prepared for caving to ensure we had the correct clothing on and a change of clothes for after. We were also provided with wellington boots, helmet and waterproofs.

We had a short walk to the first cave but a member of the group was given a caving challenge before the others had even started. Whilst down the cave it was great seeing everyone working together as a team and encouraging each other to succeed. By the time we entered the second cave everyone were determined to complete it and challenged them-selves to take more challenging routes!

After we got cleaned and changed, we headed to Asda for essentials including a towel, DVD and socks! When we returned everyone relaxed and enjoyed a delicious tea of steak pie, potatoes and vegetables. Followed by a yummy cheese cake for dessert. Then, we went to the souvenir shop where people bought postcards, sweets and souvenirs. After, we headed to the sensory room for a movie night. We watched ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ on a large projector screen. It was great fun.


MultiactivitySunday 23rd August 2015

We woke up to the sun beaming down on our windows and countryside. It was a perfect day to go for a walk around Lake Rydall! After breakfast we packed our lunches and set off. When we arrived the views were out of this world. They were basically 360 degree views of pure beauty. We walked around the lake, had a picnic and even visited a walk in cave. After we went to Grasmere for an amazing ice cream, more souvenirs and famous gingerbread.

That night we practiced our aiming skills at archery. We saw lots of progression and someone even got a bull’s-eye! After we had a competition - boys verse girls. The girl’s aims were great but the boys won with the most points. Excellent job guys!


Monday 23rd August 2015

Today was a very special day it was Marie's BIRTHDAY! We started off the day by watching Marie open her birthday cards and pose for pictures by her home made birthday banner. Then she enjoyed a birthday bacon butty with candles on the top!

Then it was time to set off for a canoeing adventure on Lake Windermere. Our first task was to make 2 rafts using single canoes. Once ready we took in the wonderful sights of the lake and surrounding areas. We even listened to a story about the ‘Lady of the Lake.’ For lunch we sailed to an island and enjoyed a picnic. Some even went for a swim In Lake Windermere.

In the evening, Marie was surprised with a birthday cake. After that, we went on a speed slide, which was great fun. Shortly after, we threw Marie a birthday party and ate lots of yummy food.

Zip wire


Tuesday 24th August 2015

Today we stayed on Bendriggs’ site for a full day of adventure, which included walking up a bendy beam, whizzing down the zip wire and working as an ace team to complete a challenge in the indoor cave.

Later that evening we all put on our glam rags on for pub night. We all got to know each other a little bit more and listened to each other’s jokes.

Wednesday 25th August 2015

Our last full day had arrived and we enjoyed it by learning the techniques of rock climbing and abseiling. It was great to see everyone work as a team to ensure each other’s safety and to offer encouragement.

For our last night we had a campfire in a teepee where we made delicious melted marshmallows. We were all given a certificate to celebrate our achievements. Well done everyone!