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Scarborough 2008
By Donna Campling
Scarborough 2008We arrived at the hotel on Tuesday. I arrived in Scarborough between 2 and 3 pm. I went to my room. I liked it. I liked the hotel.
We sat down stairs and talked about what we would like to do on the holiday. I said I liked the Sea life centre and the trains and the train rides and I would like to go to Bridlington to have a picnic if it was bright.

We had dinner after our talk in the hotel. My tuna was just right. I liked it.

After dinner we all sat in the lounge and I gathered a whole selection of leaflets about what I would like to do and what every body would like to do.

Scarborough 2008Wednesday
We went to Dickensian craft fair and Christmas village. It was nice. I bought some earrings. Then we went to Flam borough for a picnic lunch. We saw the lighthouse there and we went in a gift shop. We stopped for afternoon tea on the way back. Some people used the leisure suite and had a swim and Jacuzzi and steam and sat and chilled in the aroma room. We went out for dinner that night.

We went into Scarborough. We walked to the cliff and took the cable car and went down to the sea level. We walked along beside the sea. We had a morning coffee stop in the Spa sun lounge before going into Scarborough to the shops. On the beach we saw donkeys and camels. In the shops I bought my postcards and I did not buy any earrings.
We went in a fish restaurant and sat upstairs and had lunch. I enjoyed my lunch. We looked at a few more shops. And then we went back and we had a picnic tea and we went to the spa theatre to see a show called variety express.

Scarborough 2008Friday
We went to the Sea Life centre. We went in the aquarium. We saw fish and seals and turtles and penguins. It was good. Then we had lunch upstairs in the café. Then we went to Bridlington and it was wet and raining. We went for a drive to find a place for tea. We went to the Wolds village and there was a gift shop. I bought 2 pairs of earrings. We had a nice tea. In the evening we went to a Chinese restaurant. It was nice.

Scarborough 2008Saturday
We went on all the train rides. We drove to Adensfield. That is where Heartbeat is set. It was really called Goathland. We caught an old Steam train to Pickering. Then we went to the Flea Market and I bought 3 pairs of earrings. We saw some old buses and old cars. Then we caught the old train back to somewhere else. I can’t remember the name but it began with a G again. It was Grosmont. We had afternoon tea and then caught the train back from Grosmont to Goathland. Then we went straight out for dinner. It was nice.

Scarborough 2008Sunday
Some of of our group went to church then we all went into Scarborough. I went down on my own. So did Roy and Will. We went in all the shops and sat on the beach. Some of us had fish and chips on the beach. Some had ice creams. Some people walked to Scarborough and some went in the cable car down the cliff and some went in the mini bus and we all met at the beach. I bought two wigs today. I bought 2 pairs of trousers and 2 pairs of shorts. Another trip to the leisure suite for some, a bit of exercise and a time to chill in the steam room and jacuzzi. When we got back we changed for dinner and then we had a lovely dinner in the hotel. After dinner we sat in the lounge and had a drink and listened to some nice music.
It’s been a nice holiday and we have really enjoyed it.