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Soap Opera and York Holiday Diary
by Mairi
Bye budgies have a good holiday. We arrived at Inverness train station this morning to find there was no train, so we got a bus to Edinburgh and at 11 o'clock we got the train on to York, and then a taxi to the Hotel. The taxi driver had been on holiday to Scotland, he wished us a happy holiday.

Soap Opera and York 2008Tuesday 1st July

We went to Aidensfield where they film Heartbeat. We went to the General store and saw the police car outside. We went down to Scripts Garage and saw the original police car and motor bike also the petrol pump and the 2 Bicycles we had our photos taken outside the Garage. Then we went across the road and had our photos taken outside the Hotel where Gina works we had a picnic lunch, it was a nice day. After we walked down the steep hill. We went to the Railway station that you see on the TV in Heartbeat. Harry Potter uses it for Hogwart station in the film.
we got on a train and went to GoathLand. we went up a steep hill and went into victory tearoom for tea and cakes. we sat in the garden. then we came home at 5 o'clock and had a rest.

Wednesday 2nd July

We went to James Herriots house and saw all the books he wrote There was a studio with TV cameras we had a picnic in the stables and saw his old Austin car. Everyone was getting their photos taken in it. There was a pram as well. George teased us when we pushed it. We played board games which was good fun. Then we went into another room, there was a model of a horse, when you pressed its mouth it went neigh. On the way back we called into another tearoom which David thought was an old school with a court yard, we had scones with home made strawberry jam and cream, we came home at 4 o'clock and had a rest and then a nice dinner. After we went for a walk to York race course it was a beautiful evening. Later we had some wine.

Soap Opera and York 20083rd July 08

We went to Emerdale. We had our lunch at the Woolpack. we thought we saw the Guy from Emerdale in a white van. It was a nice day. We went to the Heartbeat jail in the afternoon.

4th July 08

We went to Scarborough and we saw an arch beside the Royal in the programme its a Hospital but its really flats that people live in. They use old cars in the programme and then we went and sat on a lovely beach, there were donkeys giving kids rides and eating their lunch from nose bags. We had lunch on the beach, then we went on a boat trip and then had a look round the shops. Then we came back and had our tea so that was a lovely day. We went to Holm Firth, where they film the last of the summer wine. We went down the M1 it was pouring rain we stopped at Sid's cafe and had a meal. We went on a bus tour and they took us round all the places they were filming. We saw Compos house ,we saw the fox that is on TV we went into Compos tea room and had tea and cakes again the weather by now had brightened up.

6th July

Today Cleo, Steve, clive, Michael and Philip went home they were very nice and very good company, Cleo looked after Mairi a lot of the time. That left Nathan, Nigel, Alistair and Michael and us. We went to York Minster and we went to the service then we had coffee in church. Then we had a look round. the arch bishop of Canterbury and the arch Bishop of York were both present at the service. David said it was a privilege being at the Cathedral.

Soap Opera and York 20087th July Monday

We went for a ride on the double decker open topped bus round York City and we went to the railway museum. "I would recommend it to anyone" said David. We went on the big wheel which Mairi really liked. This evening we had a meal at the hotel.

Tuesday 8th July

We walked into York to the museum. There was a horse and carriage on the street. We saw lots of stuff from the 1960's we went here there and every where. It was a good holiday, yes, and we met new people. We all got on very well. The staff were nice too, and the staff at the hotel.

It was our first Options holiday and we would recommend it to anyone.