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Roy’s holiday in Southport
By Roy Berridge

I arrived at the hotel in a taxi with Jim who I met last year in the Lake District. The Hotel is alright. After we had unpacked we had a nice dinner. All the dinners have been nice this week.

Southport 2008Monday
After breakfast we went to the town to look at the shops. It was very windy. We had planned to go to Blackpool but when we went to get the bus it had a puncture.

Mike and Debbie were with us as they had picked Ray up from the airport. We had lunch out in a café in the covered shopping area. We then looked round some more shops and walked back through the town and to the front and through the park to the hotel for dinner.

We went to the pier and walked all the way down it. We still could not see the sea as it was too far out. We went in the penny arcade and played the machines for a while and then we had a drink in the café. We walked back off the pier. We went to Formby point to see the red squirrels. We had a picnic lunch in the woods. We walked all round but we did not see any squirrels. Then we stopped and bought some ice creams.

Today we started our Beatle trips. We went to Liverpool docks where we visited the museum about the Beatles and we went in the Fab 4 shop.

We walked around the docks and had lunch in a dockside café. In the afternoon we went to the maritime museum and saw models of the Titanic and several others. We also went to the museum of slavery. Back to the hotel for another lovely dinner followed by a game of dominoes and I won twice.

Southport 2008Thursday
Back to Liverpool again for more Beatles. This time to see the Cavern and Penny lane and then on to Speke hall for lunch followed by a walk in the lovely grounds. We were booked on a tour in the afternoon to go in a bus to see round John Lennon’s house where he lived as a boy. The guide told us all about the two ladies and his mum and dad and his aunt Mimi who brought him up. We then got back in the bus and went to Paul McCartney’s house. We went up stairs and saw the bed where he used to sleep and thee were pictures on the wall of other famous people. The guide told us about two other places that songs were named after, a grave just near of someone called Eleanor Rigby and some fields behind the house called Strawberry Fields.

Today we decided to take the train along the front so we walked to the pier and waited but it did not come so we went to take the tram along the pier but that did not come either so we went into fun land for a while and then we went out for lunch.
After lunch we broke into small groups and went off to do different things. I decided to go shopping. We had an early dinner as we were going to the theatre to see a programme called summer medley. I really enjoyed it. There was a great singer and I loved his voice. It has been a super holiday and I would like to do more about the Beatles.