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National Space Centre UK
Space Centre
Holiday dates 3rd July to 7th July 2017
Holidaying are: Jeff and Nick along with Kirstine.
Monday 3rd July

We all met up at the Hotel, found our rooms and sorted ourselves out before going out to dinner. We drove to town and found a Gourmet Burger Kitchen, they were having their opening night! We had a lovely meal there and then headed back to the hotel feeling tired from travelling that day.
Evening meal
Space Centre Tuesday 4th July

After breakfast, we got our things together and headed out to the National Space Centre. Nick said "Wow", as soon as the doors opened.There was lots to see and do. We looked around the 'Into Space' section and saw amazing space suits along with space toilets! We watched 'we are stars' in the Patrick Moore planetarium, it was amazing. We also checked out the rocket tower and saw a peice of the moon. Later, in the evening we went out to dinner at the Harvester and we were all tired from the days activities.
Wednesday 5th July

Today was a lovely sunny day and we chose to visit a Tropical Birdland. We loved it and got to hold some of the birds. Nick loved the hyacinth Macaw best, the birds name was Neville. These birds are native to central and eastern South America. It was a great place where lots of birds were able to fly around freely. All the birds were friendly and Kevin the bird was naughty, stealing the nuts that we had. In the evening we went out for a pizza.
Mars Rover Thursday 6th July

We had another fabulous day at the National Space Centre. Today we learnt about the planets that make up our solar system. We had a go at controlling a Mars Rover...but on Earth! We visited 'Orbiting' and looked at Satelite Navigation. Then we saw some unusual space objects and learnt some less well known stories about space. After lunch we visited the show 'Astronaughts' in the planetarium which was very interesting. Then at 'Tanquility Base' we enjoyed the interactive booth where on completion we became trainee astronaughts on a lunar base! Jeff enjoyed operating the space suit and Nick enjoyed the mining activity. After our assessment we learnt that Nick and Jeff were to become mining engineers and Kirstine was to become a medical Officer.....Space here we come !!
Friday 7th July

Today was our last day and we made our way home. We have all had a fabulous holiday and learnt and seen so many interesting things about Space.
Space Centre
      Crew Card Kirstine's crew card from the Space Centre.
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