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Tenerife 2009
By Luke Mackay
We flew into Tenerife on Tuesday.

On Wednesday we went to the welcome meeting and heard all about the outings available then we went shopping and sat by the pool. Some people went swimming. Luke shot a rifle and scored 12.After dinner there was a music quiz and our team won.

On Thursday we decided to check out the hotel entertainment so some of us played football and ping pong and bowls and we went to the beach and Luke went on the floating icebergs and fell in. In the evening we played bingo and James won so he got a drink at the bar.

On Friday we went to the beach again and we got a good tan.

On Saturday we sat at the breakfast table chatting for ages and then we decided to spend the day by the pool and we went in the water and we had lunch out and we did a quiz. On Sunday we went to the jungle park as we had chosen this as one of our outings. We saw white and orange tigers and we saw orang-utan and Meer cats and a parrot show with a parrot driving a car and putting hoops on rings and counting. We saw lions, vultures and a red panda and a crocodile. In the evening there was a bird show in the hotel and we saw Eagles and we held them and had our photos taken and they had an owl and a falcon.

On Monday some of us went on a submarine and we saw octopus and stingrays and shark eels.

On Tuesday we tried a different beach . We had burgers on the beach . it was very hot and we went for a paddle but there had been a storm so we did not swim as it was rough but Luke fell over in his clothes.

On Wednesday we chose a pool day and lunch at Gordon Ramsey's.

On Thursday we went on a trip and they told us about wool. Did you know that if you are hot wool keeps you at the same temperature and a mattress has lots of bed bugs, We went to a banana plantation and saw how they grow. We had a disco in the evening.

The next day we went on a boat called Peter Pan . It was a pirate ship. We saw bottle nosed dolphins and short finned pilot whales and we had lunch on board and we could swim. We spent the next day on the beach and we watched a snake show in the evening and we could hold the snake.

On Saturday we went in the pool and Pamela and Jo and Andrew and James and Kent and Tina went in the pool.

On Monday we went to the beach and jumped the big waves and then we had lunch out and went shopping and back to the pool and played bingo and watched a belly dancer. Betty said she found the outings interesting, Andrew liked the pirate ship best, James loved the submarine Tina loved every thing and Pamela said it was her first time with us and she had enjoyed it.