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Weymouth & Swanage 2011
24th July - 29th July
By Yvonne Peace and Stuart Oldershaw
Weymouth 2011We came to Weymouth on Sunday in a taxi. We arrived at the Fairhaven hotel and it looked really nice and we loved our bedrooms.

After we had unpacked we went down for dinner. It was very nice and we had a choice of starter and main course and coffee.

After dinner we went down to the bar and ballroom and had some drinks and the entertainer played and sang while we danced the night away.

In the morning Wendy rang us all to wake up and we had a lovely breakfast and then we went all along the promenade and went on the pier. We had ice-creams and it was so hot Stuart’s ice cream began to melt.

We had lunch in a café on the beach under shady umbrellas.

We went for a walk towards the north harbour and looked at the fun fair but no one wanted a ride. Then we went into the town streets and went shopping before sitting down in a café for a welcome drink and local cake.

Weymouth 2011We went back to the hotel and changed for another night of dinner and dancing.

On Tuesday we all got into the mini bus and went to Abbotsbury to see the swans.

We walked all through the wetlands and saw them feeding the swans. We saw the pens where they look after sick swans and babies that have lost their mothers. It was very hot there and we were very glad to find some shady tables where we could eat our picnic.

We saw a film about the swans and we saw a roof made from reeds.

In the evening it was as before but a new singer.

On Wednesday we went to the sea life centre and we saw penguins and turtles flat fishes and sharks and lots more fish.

We were tired when we got back to the hotel so we wrote our postcards and had a rest before changing for dinner. And dancing again.

Weymouth 2011On Thursday it was a lovely sunny day so we went on the beach and we went to the shops to get gifts to take home.

We sat on the promenade as it was too hot for Yvonne on the beach. We went for a walk along the front to look for some where nice for lunch. We found a nice place called the country kitchen. After lunch some of us went back to the beach and others went off shopping and eventually we went back to the hotel.

In the evening we went to the hotel entertainment again as there was nothing on at the pavilion except wrestling and we did not fancy that.

On Friday we went to Core and caught the steam train to Swanage. We joined with the options group from Bournemouth on the train and we all had chips and a picnic on the pier at Swanage.

Weymouth 2011After a walk down the pier and a massive photo session we decided to go to Corfe for tea. We drove along the Jurassic coast where they found dinosaur remains and we saw Corfe castle.

We found a lovely place in Corfe where they had a flower festival in a church and so we went to see the flowers and we had tea in a marquee.

When we got back to the hotel we packed our cases and got changed for dinner and an evening of dancing.

We have had a lovely holiday and we are looking forward to our next options holiday in Butlins in the autumn.