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Christmas and New Year 2015/2016 - Forest of Dean
23rd December 2015
Everyone started to arrive between 4pm – 7pm and were shown to their rooms and helped to settle in.
We all had dinner before 8pm after which everyone became familiar with the hotel layout before returning to their rooms for an early night.

Christmas Eve
AM – Options staff arranged hair and beauty appointments for those who had requested them.
Midday – Everyone left the hotel to embark on a steam train ride at the Forest of Dean Railway,
where lunch was provided.
PM - Those who wanted to were accompanied to the Christmas Service at Coleford Baptist Church.
We all had dinner just before 8pm, during which, the Lydbrook Brass Band entertained us with Christmas Carols, followed by a magician. Thereafter, some of us proceeded to the bar area.
At midnight, some of us attended a local Catholic Church for Mass.

Christmas Day
We all took breakfast in the activity room, followed by a Christmas Service undertaken by a local vicar. We then chatted amongst ourselves whilst awaiting the arrival of Father Christmas, bringing each of us a present. After we had all opened our presents, whilst listening to Christmas songs, we then had lunch. Some of us then retired to our rooms to watch television, whilst others remained in the bar area making new friends.

Boxing Day
After breakfast, some of us participated in art, some went for a drive to Abergavenny, others took a scenic bus tour locally, and the remainder went for a walk over the nearby hills (reporting back that the views were beautiful). On our return to the hotel, we had a sandwich lunch then participated in games during the afternoon.
For the evening, some of us took a drive to see the Christmas lights, and on the return journey to the hotel hoped we would catch a glimpse of the infamous Forest of Dean Wild Boar!

27th December
After breakfast, we said our goodbyes to some of our friends who were returning home. Some of us chose to go to Church and then to the local cinema to watch the latest Star Wars film.
Those of us who were more energetic opted to go for a walk to Puzzlewood – one of the locations featured in the latest Star Wars film. Back at the hotel, some of us participated in crafts, art, music and games. Following a lovely evening meal, we enjoyed bingo whilst others socialised around the bar area.

28th December
Over breakfast, we all decided what activities we would like to participate in. Some chose to visit Gloucester Quays shopping outlet and broke into small groups. We took lunch at Weatherspoons before returning to the hotel.
After our delicious evening meal, we were entertained by a singer, some of us danced throughout the evening, and others chatted to their friends in the bar.

29th December
After breakfast, half of the group visited a pantomime, some had manicures at the hotels beauty rooms and the remainder visited the local cinema to watch Good Dinosaur (everyone enjoyed the film). In the afternoon, crafts, calendar-making and art were all available for anyone who was interested in participating. In the early evening, we dressed for dinner and after our meal, were entertained by a magician.

30th December
In the morning, many activities were on offer to choose from. Some selected to visit a Beauty and the Beast pantomime, reporting back that they thoroughly enjoyed it; others decided on a Forest walk, and the remainder chose to remain at the hotel participating in recreational activities including bread-making, jigsaw puzzles, movie watching, and entertaining each other singing songs and playing a harmonica.

New Year’s Eve
We awoke excited with many of us having booked hair and beauty treatments ahead of our New Year’s Eve party!
In the afternoon, some of us did some last minute shopping, whilst others’ relaxed either playing beetle drive or painting.
We all put a lot of effort into looking our best for our evening’s entertainment. Our meal included champagne and the tables were decorated beautifully – it all looked very classy! After the meal, we danced and at midnight, we sang Auld Lang Syne wishing each other a Happy New Year.

New Year’s Day 2016
After a lie in following our late night party, we ate a leisurely breakfast after which, some of us elected to go for a walk to the local town for a breath of fresh air and exercise!
Many craft activities had been planned including keyring making, painting and board games, but for those who preferred a more relaxing day, watching tv and chatting to newly-made friends was the order of the day.
After lunch, most of us went on a scenic drive through the Forest of Dean countryside, with our guide providing a talk on the local history and points of interest.
The evening provided another opportunity to show off our impressive dance moves to each other.

2nd January 2016
After breakfast, we all said our goodbyes to each other then retired to our rooms to pack our belongings for each of our journeys home. Some of us were travelling together on a minibus, whilst others were being collected directly from the hotel.