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Christmas in the Canaries 2015/2016

22nd December

We all met at the airport for a trip to Fuerteventura for Christmas and New Year. After a long day of travelling, we finally arrived at our hotel in time for dinner. We were all so tired we retired to bed without unpacking.

23rd December

Christmas in the Canaries 2015This morning, we awoke to sunshine. After a lovely breakfast, we unpacked our cases and explored the hotel complex. After lunch, some us played darts (with Leslie coming second) whilst the others either tried out the jacuzzi or went exploring the shops for Secret Santa gifts. In the evening, the hotel hosted a music competition.

Christmas Eve

We awoke once again to sunshine. After breakfast, we visited more shops to purchase the remainder of our gifts. We also made some Christmas cards. After lunch, we played table tennis or relaxed by the pool. In the evening, we were entertained by a circus show which was fantastic and Sarah joined the performers on stage! This was followed by a birds of prey show.

Christmas in the Canaries 2015Christmas Day

Today wasn’t as warm as the previous days but still lovely. After breakfast, we played games and then Santa arrived and had photographs with us around the pool whilst we relaxed. Anna did Yoga. We all then opened our presents; we had one from Options and another Secret Santa.
After lunch, the men went for a walk and the women remained at the hotel and decided to make Christmas decorations.
In the evening, we all dressed for Christmas dinner, after which, we were entertained by a band followed by an acrobatic show. It was a fantastic day.

Christmas in the Canaries 2015Boxing Day

We awoke to sunshine again. We participated in a darts competition and Anna won the Sojourn. Some of us relaxed in the jacuzzi and others went for a walk to the sea front and harbour. A little later on, we made Christmas crackers. In the evening, we watched a bird show featuring parrots, in which we had the opportunity to handle the birds and have our photos taken with them. After dinner, the men visited a pub so they could watch a football match.

Christmas in the Canaries 201527th December

After breakfast, we joined in the hotel games and some of us visited to local cafes and shops. Anna decided to swim in the pool, even braving the water slide! For our evening’s entertainment we watched “Fever Show” featuring amazing dancers. Following this we all joined in with a movie/music quiz and afterwards we danced at the hotel disco.

Christmas in the Canaries 201528th December

This morning, we joined in the daily darts game and Sojourn. Betty did her crochet and Rita and Lynda did arts and crafts. The men ventured to the old town and did some shopping. After lunch, not to be outdone, the women went out for ice cream and shopping. In the evening, the men went to the hotel bar to watch football. The women participated in a quiz but didn’t win. The evening’s entertainment comprised a “Mr” show and was very funny.

Christmas in the Canaries 201529th December

Today, we joined in with the hotel games again with Anna gaining second place in “Killer” darts! Sarah eagerly participate in an ice bucket challenge – she was very brave as they poured the ice-cold water over her!
After lunch, some of us went for a walk whilst others chose to relax around the pool area in the winter sunshine. Les played football.
For our evening’s entertainment whilst we ate dinner, we watched reptile show featuring a large python, an iguana and a tortoise; all of which we could have our photos taken with! Kirstine was nominated by everyone to go on stage, and with eyes closed, put her hands out ready to receive one of the reptiles – fortunately, it was the tortoise!

Christmas in the Canaries 201530th December

Today, we went on a coach trip on a tour of the island. We stopped at some scenic view points and took photos. We also stopped at goat farm to see how cheese is made. There are more goats living on the island than people. We went for a short walk to a beautiful church at Pajara and Betancuria, which was the original island capital – now a small village. We had an enjoyable lunch at Tarajalejo before driving through the middle of the island seeing all the wonderful windmills. We visited an aloe vera factory to see how the many skin creams are produced. On final stop was to Casa de Los Corenele where we walked amongst the grounds of a 300 year old house. We also spotted chipmunks hiding in a stone wall. On arriving back at the hotel, we were all very tired after our day’s adventures.

Christmas in the Canaries 2015New Year’s Eve 2015

We spent another day relaxing by the pool and making the most of the December sunshine. Prior to lunch, we attended a sangria party. For the evening, we dressed in our party outfits and had a lovely dinner. The evening’s entertainment commenced with a magic show, followed by a reggae singer, and finishing with a disco. We all saw in the New Year and had a fabulous time. We drank champagne and ate grapes (a Spanish tradition) at midnight.

Christmas in the Canaries 2015New Year’s Day 2016

We all awoke tired from the previous late night. We relaxed by the pool and for the more energetic amongst us, played table tennis and darts. After lunch, some of us walked to the shops whilst others spent the day poolside.
After dinner, we joined in with dancing and singing. We were all still very tired but this didn’t stop Sarah getting more champagne!

2nd January

This morning, the men walked to the harbour and sea front whilst Betty and Lynda went out for lunch and visited a hair salon, both looking lovely when they returned. In the afternoon, some of us played table tennis whilst the rest paid a visit to the shops.
Christmas in the Canaries 2015In the evening, we watched a parrot show followed by a singer who was very good.

3rd January

Today, we visited Oasis Park at the south of the island. It was a fabulous day out and we watched a sea lion and dolphin show. Anna rode a camel and we fed giraffes. We had a great lunch and bought lots of souvenirs. We arrived back at the hotel just in time for dinner.

Christmas in the Canaries 20154th January

Today, we began our packing for our return journey home. We entertained ourselves perfecting our darts game (we are becoming quite good now!) and table tennis. We visited the shops for a final time and some of us walked to the sea front.
Christmas in the Canaries 2015In the evening, we danced, played bingo and watched a hilarious show.

5th January

Today we flew back to the UK. We have all had a fabulous time and the sun shined every day. The entertainment provided by the hotel was brilliant. We have all decided that we want to come back here for Christmas next year!