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Christmas in the Canaries 2016
Holiday dates: 20th December 2016 - 3rd January 2017
Holidaying are: Susan Sarah Michael Caroline Lynda Peter Christopher Betty Anna Duncan Philip Eleanor Charmian Brian Andrew
with Kirstine Jen Tom and Luke
Tuesday 20th December

We all met up at the airport and went through check-in then on to our flight.Sarah treated herself to a glass of champagne on the flight. We then landed in Fuerteventura and got the bus to the hotel where we had dinner and a drink then went to bed after our long day.
Boules Wednesday 21st December

This morning after breakfast Sue Sarah and Linda played darts whilst the rest sat in the sun and enjoyed a drink. in the afternoon Carolyn, Brian, Andrew, Chris, Anna, Sue and Sarah played French boules. It was a lovely warm sunny day but quite windy. After dinner we did the famous faces quiz, Phil danced on the stage and played guitar with Simon the hotel entertainer.We watched The Miss Playa Park Competition which was very funny. Then we had a bird show where some of us had our photo's taken with a snowy owl and a barn owl.
Thursday 22nd December

In the morning after breakfast we played darts and Lynda came 2nd. Some of us relaxed on the sun beds until lunch.This afternoon after lunch we went for a walk to the shops. We had a good look around the supermarket buying sweets, chocolate and postcards. We then had a look around the shops buying T/ Shirts, T/ Towels and hats.The entertainment in the evening consisted of  International Music with the entertainer singing and playing the keyboard. 
shuttleboard Friday 23rd December

This morning it was very cloudy. What has happened to the sun! We played datrs this morning and Michael managed to get a bulls eye which helped him to win the competition. Anna came 2nd and Brian 3rd. After lunch we played shuffleboard inside as it was not very warm outside. Everyone did really well but Michael managed to win again! Chris came 2nd and Sue 3rd. The entertainment this evening was a 70's and 80's disco. We had a fabulous time dancing.
Saturday 24th December

Christmas Eve, after breakfast we organised who we would buy a gift for in our secret santa. Some of the group went to the market to buy their gifts. Whilst the others wrote postcards. Then when the first group came back the second group went to the market . We had another lovely lunch (we are eating loads! We will all need to go on a diet in the New Year!) We played shuffleboard with Chris 1st, Brian joint 2nd with another hotel guest. After dinner we played Bingo. The entertainment was a Reggae singer who encouraged us to dance, then he even carried Sue back to her seat. Then Phil entertained us all with his air guitar. It was a brilliant evening.
Santa 25th December

Christmas Day ! We woke to a windy day and all those who had brought a christmas jumper or T/shirt with them put it on. Anna had a Mrs Santa outfit and looked fab. After breakfast we all chatted in the bar and waited for the arrival of Father Christmas. While we waited Simon ( the hotel entertainer) made a big bowl of punch with Champagne, brandy and other liquors. We all had a glass and there was a non alcholic punch for those who wanted it. Soon Santa arrived on a camel and we had our picture taken with the camel. Atfer lunch we opened our presents and sectra santa gift. We all had a gift from Options Holidays. Then we went to our rooms to get ready for the gala dinner.  It was alovely dinner with lots of wonderful food to try not a typical british christmas meal. After dinner there was a country band, Lynda enjoyed line dancing to the music. Some of us the enjoyed dancing outside along to the live music. It was agreat end to our day.
26th December

Today is boxing day. Everyone had a nice lie in with a late breakfast.In the morning we played darts and shuffleboard. After lunch some of us wanted to go for a visit to the near-by pub where they could watch the football (it was a man thing). The rest (the girls) chose to relax either by the pool or in their rooms as they were still tired from the night before. The entertainment  after dinner was a reptile show. We saw a tortoise, snake and a large iguana.There was an interesting talk about the animals and then we had a chance to take some photographs with the animals.
Boxing Day
Beach  Tuesday 27th December

This morning after breakfast some of us walked to the shops for a strole and a bit of shopping. We stopped in a cafe for drinks. The rest stayed at the hotel to enjoy the games. After lunch some of us wanted to walk to the beach, which was a white sandy beach with black lava rock in places. It was very picturesque. In the evening we were joined by Jenny who has come to help on the holiday. We all enjoyed the acoustic musical covers and dancing along.
 Wednesday 28th December

Today some people went to Oasis Park  while others stayed at the hotel. Those that stayed at the hotel played darts and shuffleboard. Anna went swimming and also enjoyed the jacuzzi. Brian, Betty, Andrew, Peter, Michael and Duncan went to the zoo. Betty and Michael fed some camels. Andrew and Brian fed a giraffe.Everyone watched a sea lion show and Andrew, Brian, Michael and Duncan had a photo with a sea lion.They saw lots of animals including hippos, elephants, crocodile, mongoose and turtles. The evening entertainment was a magic show which was really good. The end of the magic show culminated in a clever show of lights.After the magic show there was a bird of Prey show with a barn owl and eagle owl among them.You could have your photo taken with them. Anna went on to the stage and helped with the eagle owl.  
Sael show
Anna Thursday 29th December

Today Anna, Sue, Lynn, Charmiane, Chris and Carolyn chose to go to Oasis Park. When we arrived they brought some food for the giraffs. We saw flamingoes, crocodiles otters and various monkeys. We fed the giraffes some apples, carrots and potatoes. One knocked Anna's hat off!We had our lunch while we were there and later went on to see the camels and the sea lion show. Charmaine, Sue, Anna, Chris and Carolyn all had their photo taken with the sea lion. We looked around the shop and bought souvenirs and various gifts. The rest of the group stayed at the hotel today and played games. There was also a Sangria party before lunch. After lunch everyone had a relaxing time in the sun with a drink and a cake. The entertainment for this evening was International music with a live singer, everyone enjoyed dancing along.  
Friday 30th December

This morning after breakfast we played darts and Charmaine was the winner. After darts we went for a walk to the shops. To our surprise, when we got there, there were fire engines as the supermarket was on fire! All was fine though and we managed to buy souveniirs and clothes to wear for New Year's Eve.Some of us enjoyed a drink in a cafe. In the afternoon we relaxed on the sunbeds around the pool. Betty, Sue and Anna did their colouring in. After dinner we played bingo followed by a  70's and 80's disco. Chris loved dancing to Bon Jovi and everyone danced to the song "YMCA".
Auld Lang Syne Saturday 31st December

New Years Eve. Sarah and Sue wanted a lie-in so they would be full of energy for the New Year's Eve party. Sarah also brought some Champagne for the evening. Everyone played darts and then we wanted to relax in preparation for the evening ahead. It soon became time to don our finery with our best party outfits ready for the evening's festivities. We walked into the dinning room with the sound of applause which made us all feel like celebrities. The food was amazing, we even had a chocolate fountain. After dinner we danced to Reggie music, Michael got the party started. We all had party hats, masks and streamers. We danced up until we all counted down for midnight and ate grapes (a Spanish tradition to eat a grape upon each strike of the clock). Then a glass of Champagne and we wished everyone A Happy New Year! A group of British guests sang "Auld Lang Syne".   
Sunday 1st January

Everyone was very tired this morning after their late night. Charmain decided to write her holiday Diary in the bar whilst Betty, Lynda and Sue did their colouring-in. Anna did her crossword and everyone else relaxed in the sun. In the afternoon a few joined in with shuffleboard but everyone else wanted to relax  by the pool.There was a quiz in the evening but unfortunately, none of us won.
magic show Monday 2nd January

After breakfast Anna, Sue, Sarah and Andrew played darts. Then the fellas all went for a walk to the shops in the main centre of Town. The girls all walked to the shopping centre to get their last minute gifts, souvenirs and clothes. We had a look around the supermarket for chocolate and walked back for a late lunch. It was then unfortunately time to begin our packing ready for our journey home tomorrow. In the evening we had a magic show which was really good followed by a disco.
3rd January

We had our last game of darts whilst some of us finished our packing. After lunch we were collected to go to the airport for our flight home. We have had an excellent holiday and can't wait to come back next year.
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