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Date Destination Cost Leaders
03/10/17 - 17/10/17 Corfu £2100 Geraint, Wendy, Peter
03/10/17 - 17/10/17 Holiday independently in Corfu £2100 You!

Welcome to Corfu!

Corfu Corfu is one of the larger Greek islands and very popular. By day you can soak up the sun on fantastic beaches by clear warm sea, by night enjoy a traditional Greek meal with dancing by local dancers.

We also hope to explore some of the island, most of which is still unspoilt by tourism, maybe take a boat trip to one of the nearby islands or visit Corfu Town which is a mix of old and new.
Corfu This is a holiday to meet different needs, combining sightseeing and relaxing, and the hotel is especially suitable for those with physical disabilities. Corfu

Corfu is probably our most popular foreign holiday.   We stay in the resort of San Stephanos, and outings include:

  • Paleocastritsa - market stalls lining the road, boat trips into the blue caves and the fantastic monastery.
  • Sidari - this fantastic shopping town is only a bus ride away from our hotel.
  • A walk over the mountain past the haunted house!
  • Casiopi - a typical Greek harbour where we have a favourite cafe right on the water front.
  • And we mustn't forget Captain Theo!

The hotel and village are very friendly, and provide plenty of safe opportunities for people to venture out on their own for lunch or shopping, or even an evening meal. This is a popular romantic destination for couples.

Since we've been going, the hotel has been adapted for those with a physical disability, and so is an ideal foreign destination for the mobility impaired.

Thomas Bay Hotel Thomas Bay Hotel
We stay at the fantastic Thomas Bay Hotel, one of our favourite destinations here at Options.
This hotel is especially good for those with physical disabilities.

Captain Theo
Captain Theo's Boat Trips are one of the most popular activities on this holiday.
See what Jo Currie had to say about it in 2007!
Jackie & Steve In 2011 Jackie & Steve Bastow celebrated 25 years of marriage while in Corfu with us. We had a special service in a tiny chapel up on the cliffs overlooking the sea. The weather was lovely and we sang a hymn from their original wedding.

Read about it in Kirk's diary or look at Katy's or Kirk's pictures.
Jackie & Steve
Holiday independently in Corfu
Self-catering appartments
San Stephanos self-catering appartments
  • Along side our normal two week Corfu holiday, we will be running special holidays for those who may be able to holiday independently but possibly lack the confidence and / or the experience required.
  • Staying in your own self catering accommodation with another holidaymaker, Options staff are on hand to support unobtrusively should you need them, guiding and teaching you the skills required to holiday on your own.
  • This holiday would suit the more able person who is already living fairly independently and now wishes to take the next step.
  • At Options we have noticed that many of our holidaymakers who do live independently can sometimes struggle with the flexibility required to adapt their daily living skills to other environments.
  • Using our many years of experience supporting people with a learning disability to enjoy diverse holidays around the world, our aim is to enable our holidaymakers to overcome this and successfully have their own holiday with a 'safety net' there should they require it.

Skills to be mastered include:

  • Navigating airports.
  • Booking transport.
  • Budgeting.
  • Using unfamiliar currency.
  • Booking local excursions.
  • Shopping for self-catering accommodation.
  • Making choices.
  • Seeking medical assistance if required.
Boat trip
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