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From: Andy Whittred (published with permission)
Sent: 21 July 2018 00:01
To: Office <office@optionsholidays.co.uk>
Subject: The sea Princess hotel

Hello there,
This email is for the attention of the manager, I just wanted to send this email because I have witnessed what a wonderful job your colleagues have done for your service users during their stay at the hotel. You can see Lucy is extremely passionate of what she does, and she gives nothing short of %100 into providing everybody with their needs and requirements, she is an absolute angel. She is an absolute credit to your company ... she is so talented and gifted in what she does. I just feel in that today it's very rare that people take the time to credit people that need it .. but in all honesty I feel I had no choice but to do so ... please feel free to pass my feedback on :) have a good weekend.

Kind regards

From: Nicola Harding (published with permission)
Sent: 07 January 2018 20:58
To: office@optionsholidays.co.uk
Subject: Re your team


I just wanted to contact you after meeting some of your team and wonderful people on holiday in Fuertuventura.

My husband and I have four children two being disabled one severely so it was wonderful to see an amazing team of people on holiday.

I only noticed the polo shirts the day the holiday party travelled home but had the pleasure of speaking to Tom quite a few times who was kind and wonderful to my son Zack.

Your team of people and wonderful amazing group of holidaymakers made a very big impression on myself and my husband so I have felt inclined to email you.

Keep up your wonderful work.

Many thanks

Nicola Harding
Letter from Fred Bellis To all the Options Carers and the staff at the Laguna Hotel in Bournemouth.

I would like to say a big "thankyou" for making my brother's holiday such a marvellous time. I was concerned at first as this was his first holiday but I need not have worried as he came home full of all the things he'd enjoyed and the new friends he had made. He's already asked if he can come again next year. So thank you to everyone.

Kind Regards

June (sister of Fred Bellis).
Dear Wendy.

I hope you are well. It was lovely to be with you at the Laguna Hotel. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for taking us to the Sea Life Park and thank you for taking us to Swanage Railway that was great.. And the beach. I enjoyed it very much. And thank you for bringing me back.

Lots of Love

Letter from Debbie

Dear Sirs,

Last week my wife and I were on holiday at the Laguna Hotel, in Bournemouth. This year, just like pervious years, Options Holiday's staff and clients have been there too.

My wife is a retired Social Worker, with SRN nursing background, and I myself had a brother with Downs' Syndrome, who sadly died 10 years ago at the age 45. So we both know the problems caring for people you take on holiday can produce.

We have often been in awe for how your staff looks after a wide variety of client, all with different needs and requirements. This year has been no exception, but I feel I had to write to you, as this last week has been truly amazing to witness. Both my wife and I have seen your staff in action, not only at the hotel, but also at a couple of venues around Bournemouth. This has prompted me to write to you, as probably I should have done before.

We have seen Mr & Mrs Fox organising the holiday in previous years, but this year we also saw two new faces in your team. I hope you will bear with me here, but I am sure that you may not be aware of what your staff actually do, and how well they make every one of your clients feel so very special.

We arrived as usual on Monday morning from Grimsby, as we do every year, and we were delighted to see your coach in the hotel grounds.  Later that day, at evening meal, we saw the staff and clients coming in for dinner, and again, I was particularly delighted to see your clients, all of them in good cheer and extremely happy. However, part way through the meal, one of your clients became unwell, and though your staff was seated on different tables to her. As soon as she stood and called out, one of your male staff rushed to her aid. Running from a fair few tables away, and just as he arrived by her side, she collapsed into his arms, and it was immediately evident, well to my wife that is, this woman was going in to an epileptic seizure. At this point my wife was going to come to her aid, but, within seconds, she realised that he had the situation completely under control, and that he was extremely well trained. He stayed with your client, comforted her, and nursed her through her seizure with a confident, professional and caring manner. Throughout her seizure, you could here her call out for John, we later found out that this was the name of the staff member that had come to her aid, and to our surprise, we also found out later that she had only met John the evening before. She soon made a full recovery, but John and the new lady both kept a close eye on her, but never once stopped her from enjoying the rest of the evening entertainment in the function room. We had the chance to chat to her, and she spoke so very highly of Options Holidays and the staff.

On Tuesday evening, after the evening meal, we again went to the function room. We joined in with the bingo, and entertainments as we do every night. The night was in full swing and your staff were busy as normal, they encouraged the clients to participate in everything that was on offer. Unfortunately, one of your other clients also became unwell, and even though she had Mrs Fox and the other new lady member of staff to her aid, we both heard her call for John, again, he aided her and assisted her through her a near seizure, until she had to return to her room for the rest of the night. I was clear that she was very unwell, and to retire for the rest of the night was the best option. This also happened again on the following evening, but this time Mrs Fox dealt with her, while John, distracted and entertained the others, saving them from all distress, as they were clearly worried for the friend. The new lady asked the singer to turn off the disco lights, and within a few minutes, the unwell lady clearly improved and started again to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Over the next few days and evenings, we witnessed both John and Delia (I think that is the new ladies name) on the group activities, At a Town and country museum in Ringwood, and at Bovington, their knowledge, professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication to the clients is a credit to your organisation. You could hear the laughter, and amusement of your clients as they both guided the group along.

Every member of the holiday party was made to feel special, John and Delia never stopped, always keeping the holiday mood going, they even had the clients in wheelchairs dancing. John sung a duet with one chap in a wheel chair, they sang "Only You" by the way, and it was amazing, and two of your other clients also did a duet and dance, and I think also got engaged? Watching Delia doing Hand Jive with the lady in a wheel chair was great. They had a fantastic rapport with them all. It was all truly wonderful to see, and if you could of only heard the cheers and applause from us all in the function rooms every night because of your staffs efforts to ensure your clients had a good time, you too would realise what a great team you have. A couple of your clients also pull my wife and I up to dance on several occassions, just like pervious years, both my wife and wish we could on be on your holiday every year too! Everything your staff puts in is refleced by how your clients smile, and how they interact with the others there. It really makes our holiday having your holiday group around.

I only have one wish, and that is I wish that my brother was still alive, so he could have had a holiday like your staff provided last week. Like all of your clients, he was a very special person, and I know that your staff would of made his holiday one to remember.

As we were leaving this morning, and seeing your clients also leaving, you could see the rapport that your staff had built up with them, and in such a short space of time. Watching them saying goodbye was heart wrenching, everyone had a tear in their eye, even us.. and I am sure every one of them will be talking about their holiday for months to come.

We didn't have the chance to speak to your staff personally, to express our feelings and gratitude, to thanks, it is so special to see those that cares so much for these special people, they all gave so much, unconditionally and to every one. So please will you pass on our admiration and thanks, especially to John and Delia.

Keep up the great work you are doing.

Kind regards

Stan & Rosemary Dixon.
Letter from Jo Dear Wendy and Geraint.

Thank you very much for a wonderful holiday in Israel. I found it fascinating, particularly learning about the Jesus. I really enjoyed the devotional side of things i.e. the talks Glyn gave and seeing the places I went to. I need to know exactly all the places (we’ve) been to, Please send me the details and also Glyns website address so I get information about the holidays for my Church.

Thank you again.

Love Jo.
Dear Wendy,

I want to thank you once again for (a) interesting holiday. What I like(d) about it was knowing Jesus and Mary and John the Baptist. Now Christmas won’t be the same. Cor I was tired when I came back, I went to bed at 9 (o) clock that evening. Now I am back to normal, back to the centre. Wel what do you think of this, Jane is going to look after me while Anne is away for a weekend. I just wish we could have more time together just like we would. I just want to thank you once I send my love to you both.

Love from Julie
Letter from Julie
Letter from Julie To Wendy and Geraint,

I want to say a very big thank you for a super weekend.   I really loved meeting Connie and Captain Von Trap.   I really love the shows and also the horse parade, changing of the guard and the London Eye.   Will you thank Fiona too and the present of Cliff we have not found to play it yet we will and the lovely tea we had in the Farmers Shop in London.... I send my love to you both,

lots of love from Julie.
To Wendy

Thank you for taking me on holiday

Lots of love Leanne
Letter from Leanne
Letter from Debbie Dear Wendy,

I hope you are well.   Kent, Richard and I had a safe journey back to the farm.   Thank you for a nice holiday and I am looking forward to July when I will be coming on Option Too in the summer.

Lots of love From Debbie.
Dear Wendy + Grunt,

Thank you very much for a lovely peaceful holiday and the weather was beautiful and I didn't want to come back.   I hope you both had a lovely holiday on your canal boat.   I hope you are both keeping well and please write soon.

Love from Nigel
Letter from Nigel
Letter from Belinda Dear Wendy and Grunt,

Thank you for my holidays it was very nice!   Specially going to Disneyland Paris can we go again one time?   I have been quite busy since I came back to Sturt's Farm I miss you very much.

Love from Belinda
Dear Wendy

I'm writing lo let you know that Keith thoroughly enjoyed his trip to EuroDisney. Thank you and congratulations for providing yet another superb holiday. Keith told us that the leaders, Georgic and John and all their helpers, gave everyone a fantastic time. They coped very well generally, but especially on the occasion when Keith and Becky mislaid the main party! I did telephone Georgia to apologise and hope that Keith did not cause them too much worry. She said they were all able to learn from the experience.   Keith is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the 2007 brochure....
Letter from Keith
Valerie Sewell Dear Fiona

Just a quick note to say thank you to all at Options Holidays for giving John a really good time in Portugal.   A special thank you to Stephen and his colleagues - John has never stopped talking about the experience.   It is the first time he has been on holiday without his family and this has helped him push his personal boundaries.   I am sure he will be enjoying another holiday in the future courtesy of Option Holidays.

Kind Regards

Valerie Sewell
Dear Wendy and Grunt

Thank you for taking me on the boat.   I had a lovely time.

Lots of love,

Letter from Oliver
Letter from Mary Dear Wendy and Geraint,

I had a nice holiday and I want to say thank you to you both for looking after me.   I really enjoyed our trip out on the train and the boat and I thought the old time musical was lovely.   The ice cream was good as well.   I would really like to go on the same type of holiday again next year.   I hope to see both of you again soon.

Take care Love from Mary
Many many thanks for the...fabulous DVD sent to me.   What a great way to remember your holiday and more important what a great idea for your guests to remember it with.   I have never known a group so happy and well behaved.   You give those young adults and older ones too such a good time... Letter
Letter from Nigel Dear Wendy + Grunt + Kirk + Kirstine,

Thank you very much for having me last week and I had a lovely holiday and it was very enjoyable and the weather was very good and please (send) me some photographs and I hope you are all keeping well. Please write soon and see you soon.

Love from Nigel