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Meet some of the team.

All of our staff are DBS checked and have recieved training and much experience in the care sector.

If you would like to be a part of our team and either support people on a holiday or become one of
our drivers to take people to and from holidays, please email
Wendy Williams Wendy Williams has taught children with learning disabilities since 1960, She has been head mistress of two schools in Bedfordshire. In 1983, after having children, Wendy started running holidays in Gloucestershire expanding as she went along, and still runs a lot of the holidays herself.
Geraint Williams has been running holidays with Wendy since 1984. He started working with people with a learning disability in the late 1970s. He is most frequently seen driving the mini bus as he is a PSV qualified driver. Geraint Williams
Kirstine Mackay Kirstine Mackay started working with Options Supported Holidays over 16 years ago on our canal boat holidays. Since then she has helped on a number of holidays over the years. She has now taken over managing the office as well as helping on several holidays.
Kirk Anderson has been helping out with Options Supported Holidays for 20 years now. Kirk currently works as a Children’s Community Learning Disability Nurse, but still enjoys the occasional holiday with Options Supported Holidays.
Kirk runs the Options website and email system.
Kirk Anderson
Katy Anderson Katy Anderson joined the Options team 2 years ago. She has over 10 years of experience supporting children and young people with learning disabilities. She has a 1st class degree in childhood studies and special needs among many other professional courses.
John Hall has been supporting Adults with LD for over 16 years, in both residential care and day centres. He was a deputy manager of a care home but has now retired (or so he thought!) and has been working for Options for 3 years. John Hall
Avril Nixon Avril Nixon was a librarian working in schools before she retired. She has now worked for Options for many years in both the UK and abroad. She enjoys craft, church and travelling.
Leanne Green joined the Options team in 2012. She has recently obtained a 1st Degree in teaching special needs and currently teaches in a special needs school. She helps with our holidays during the school holiday period. Leanne Green
Jack Mackay Jack Mackay is Kirstine’s son and has just spent his first summer working full time for Options. He has now gone to college to study Tourism & Leisure, Psychology and Business Studies.
Tom Cafferty first worked with Options in 2013. He has been working with people with a learning disability and other difficulties for 4 years, first in America for 6 months and then back in the UK.   Tom Cafferty
Angela  Angela has many years of experience supporting people with learning disabilities. She thoroughly enjoys spending time with people on holidays and travelling and exploring different places. 
My name is Sabine Evans and I have been a support worker for a national charity for more than 8 years, supporting adults with learning disabilities to enjoy life's opportunities. Improving other's lives is a 'right up my street' kind of a job.

"Respect, dignity and equality" is my motto.
Sabine & David 
Rachel Collins Rachel Collins joined Options in late 2014, she has worked with both children and adults with disabilities since 2011. She currently works at the shop Boots, training to be a Healthcare Advisor. She was part of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. She was also a member of the St Johns Ambulance for 9 years. She runs a Brownie pack in her spare time.
Catrin Jones is a qualified occupational therapist working with Children with various disabilities and adults with learning disabilities. She has worked with both children and adults with disabilities in the UK, Romania and America.  Catrin 
Tegan  Tegan joined the Options team in 2014. She previously worked for Options many years ago on the canal boats. She currently works locally as a support worker & has a brother with learning disabilities. Tegan spends her spare time looking after her 4 cats and 6 chickens!

I am energetic and bring peace and joy into any situation, I am a good listener and can easily adapt, and like a challenge, I remain calm in emergency situations. I have many years of experience of working with different people, of all ages and abilities, I have taught people to ride horses at a riding school, I have helped nervous riders to overcome there fears, and taught children and adults with disabilities. I enjoy helping those that are less fortunate, and want to make a difference in making there lives more enjoyable. In my spare time I enjoy running walking and generally keeping myself active and fit, I also enjoy learning new things, and reading.
Jez Jez

I am an active person both physically and spiritually with a positive attitude to life. I take great pleasure and satisfaction in serving others through my work and in volunteering capacities. Through my life experiences I have become a highly-motivated individual and love to motivate and empower others for a fuller life. Although I take seriously the important issues of life, I am always cheerful where possible and have a sometimes cheeky sense of fun. My compassion extends to the broken and hurting in society – no one is sunk too low to be of worth. I am always interested in creative engagement with life and am gifted in capturing images and moments through photography. Having dyslexia can hinder me in reading and written work. But my understanding, vocabulary and communication skills are strong and enable me to listen to and encourage others with compassion and patience.